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04/19/03 - Anime Boston '03!! Pics from Wacko's camera. Not necessarily in order.

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id: 1
James hiding behind the bed
id: 2
Wacko waiting in the DDR line
id: 3
James waiting in the DDR line
id: 4
James' awesome SmarterChild t-shirt
id: 6
The old A-chan. Don't worry Anime Boston, only 3 years until Mel takes over!
id: 7
A decent Vash waits to play Para Para
id: 9
A cosplayer from Violinist of Hamelin
id: 10
James spends way too much on DDR CDs
id: 11
James also found some Green Tea Pocky
id: 12
Some cosplayers on the street. Lame pic
id: 13
Wacko's badge
id: 14
My badge
id: 15
Angel Sanctuary... great...
id: 17
He was pretty gross
id: 18
But people loved him.
id: 20
id: 21
A Hikaru cosplayer
id: 22
Well aren't you clever
id: 23
Awesome! Pocky come alive!
id: 24
Another Violinist of Hamelin cosplayer
id: 25
A creepy Kero -chan
id: 26
Assorted Final Fantasy characters
id: 27
Sailor Moon, still a favorite
id: 28
The Anime Boston mascots talk.. about something
id: 29
FFVIII cosplayer
id: 30
Not sure what she's from.
id: 31
Wacko thought this was funny
id: 32
A gross picture of me on the train
id: 33
The view from our room
id: 34
Pretty high up..
id: 35
Check out... that other building
id: 36
A great shot that Wacko took of himself through the window
id: 38
The game room!
id: 39
Cool cosplayer we met on the elevator
id: 40
One of Commander's friends, I think
id: 41
Wacko dying his hair for the Ed cosplay
id: 42
The people in the room next to us, they were cool
id: 44
Hikaru: Take Two! Much better
id: 45
Wacko's Ed costume is done!
id: 47
Look at him go..
id: 48
I wasn't really asleep
id: 49
Steph's.. sitting
id: 50
A neat picture that Wacko took (I think)
id: 53
OK, this time I'm asleep
id: 54
Commander and Kitty asleep
id: 55
Matt's awake!
id: 56
Still waking up..
id: 57
Commander checks her cell phone
id: 58
The old A-chan with some cosplayers
id: 59
Eating in the mall
id: 60
Some cosplayers
id: 61
Part of a Hack Sign cosplayer
id: 62
Ugg, a terrible picture of me
id: 64
Look at the Masquerade line!
id: 65
It's Ash Ketchum!
id: 66
The Androids
id: 68
She sat in front of us
id: 69
Ed and Ein!
id: 70
Masquerade from afar
id: 71
Makes you wish Wacko had a zoom lens doens't it?
id: 72
I wonder what those people up there are doing
id: 73
Good thing I used the flash
id: 74
It was a brilliant move
id: 75
Sitting in the back..
id: 76
People on stage
id: 77
id: 78
id: 79
These pictures stink
id: 80
These two girls kept showing off in the lobby. People took pictures down their shirts from above. I mostly just took this picture because there was a big group of people doing it and that makes things easier since they're already posing
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