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12/25/03 - Christmas '03! This is the day that I got my digital camera.. the beginning....

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id: 81
Strawberry stretches out in what I think is the first picture taken by my camera
id: 82
A closeup of Strawberry
id: 83
My grandmother with some lemon morange pie
id: 84
My grandmother sits in her chair
id: 85
Aunt Diane
id: 86
Uncle Michael
id: 87
id: 88
My new cellphone
id: 89
My steamer cooker dealy
id: 90
Some kid related to one of my mom's friends
id: 92
Becky looks at her presents
id: 93
Becky with her new phone
id: 94
id: 95
Becky shows off her braces
id: 96
Some baby smirking at me
id: 97
My grandmother standing around
id: 98
My grandmother and aunt looking at the Christmas tree
id: 99
My grandmother with my new phone
id: 100
Christmas dinner
id: 101
Greg with his caveman look
id: 103
My mom standing around
id: 105
My mom at my grandmother's condo
id: 107
Having a blast..
id: 108
A weird sign I had on my door
id: 110
Pyoko, my gerbil
id: 111
Room shot
id: 112
Room shot
id: 113
My wall of crap
id: 114
Uncle Chris
id: 115
Uncle Michael
id: 116
Uncle Michael
id: 117
My first panorama! Not bad..
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