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12/27/03 - Strawberry, Bob, and a trip to Chinatown.

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id: 127
My mom watching tv
id: 128
Strawberry sits on me to get warm
id: 129
He likes my Megatokyo blanket
id: 130
Strawberry looks at the camera
id: 131
My mom... watching tv
id: 132
Nice cornrolls, Becky..
id: 133
Becky reads a letter or something
id: 134 id: 135
Ooo, cup noodles
id: 140
Stop looking at my shoe
id: 141
His eyes look weird in this one
id: 142
Strawberry sits in the sun
id: 143
This is Bob, our neighbor's cat
id: 144
He lost half of his tail when he got hit by a car
id: 145
He's dead now :(
id: 146
I don't know what happened to him
id: 147
Bob looks for some food
id: 149
Gross, Bob. Don't leave food on your face
id: 150
Get away from the camera
id: 153
Apparently this Santa has been in my mom's family for years and years
id: 154
Becky and Strawberry hang out
id: 155
The stupid hole in my bed
id: 156
Strawberry in the window
id: 157
id: 158
T jumps of the car
id: 159
Dan from Work!
id: 160
Crazy T
id: 161
Who gave Dan that barbie?
id: 162
Have you seen it?
id: 163
Some neat stuff in Chinatown
id: 164
Pikachu ball thing!
id: 165
id: 166
Nice hat, Wacko
id: 167
James drinks some tea
id: 168
Wacko tries to decide what to eat
id: 169
Beany examines the menu
id: 170
Dan plays with some chopsticks while making up his mind
id: 171
Looks like James and Wacko have decided
id: 172
Steph still hasn't though
id: 173
Beany and T pose together
id: 174
Waiting for food to show up
id: 175
Beany holding her tea
id: 176
Who's that dweeb?
id: 177
One of those lucky cats
id: 178
James takes out his rage on society. He's... so... angry!
id: 179
Dan quietly awaits the beginning of the movie
id: 180
Beany looks around
id: 181
Wacko in the dark
id: 182
Steph looks at some paper or something
id: 183
Dan doesn't want any pictures taken of him. Sorry Dan
id: 185
T steals Wacko's hat
id: 186
Beany's been blinded by the light
id: 187
You can't dodge light, Beany!
id: 188
T makes a weird face
id: 189
James in the car
id: 190
James makes a weird face in the car
id: 191
Beany and Dan fighting for control of Dan's hat
id: 192
T starts driving away with Dan's car
id: 193
James calls for help
id: 194
James' house
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