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12/28/03 - Putting a new hard drive in Kotoko and hanging out at Wacko's.

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id: 195
Kotoko's innards exposed
id: 196
Tim hurt his foot somehow
id: 197
Kotoko's new hard drive. I named it
id: 199
And there's the back
id: 200
Wacko looks at some connectors
id: 201
The rest of the drives had to come out in order to make it fit. The seashell is not part of Kotoko
id: 202
Poor Kotoko, she's all over the place
id: 203
Beany did some cool art on the case
id: 204
And I put some random stickers all over it
id: 205
Surprised James
id: 206
Tim eats some mac and cheese
id: 207
Wacko works on Audrey
id: 208
Wacko's trusty squirrel
id: 209
Nice little setup he's got going there
id: 210
A gross closeup of some mac and cheese
id: 211
Yup. My camera even does sepia filters
id: 212
A terrible picture of me looking around
id: 213
Steph on Wacko's couch
id: 214
id: 215
Wacko's nerdy t-shirt
id: 216
Wacko poses in his work area
id: 217
They took this picture of me sleeping
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