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12/29/03 - More of Strawberry and Becky's friends in the car.

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id: 218
This is what happens when you forget you put soda in the fridge. Luckily I opened it just in case I forgot
id: 219
My mom's car coming
id: 220
Strawberry is not amused
id: 221
He'll sleep anyway
id: 222
My calculus binder
id: 223
Strawberry looks around
id: 224
What's over there?
id: 225
Becky looks at some shower thing she got for Christmas
id: 226
Taking out the hose part
id: 227
Closeup of Becky
id: 229
Maybe the instruction will help
id: 231
Meghan advertises Coke?
id: 233
Becky and Meghan in the back of the car
id: 234
Meghan gives me a look
id: 235
We noticed Dr. Burke, our school's principal at the gas station
id: 239
There he is!
id: 242
Flash pictures in the car are just not a good idea
id: 246
Outside my house
id: 247
Becky's friend
id: 248
Meghan gives me another look
id: 251
Haircut time!
id: 252
Yup... a blurry shot of me getting my haircut
id: 253
What do you think?
id: 254
My mom on the phone
id: 255
Strawberry under the blanket
id: 257
Strawberry looks around
id: 258
My Terry Pratchett collection
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