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12/30/03 - A trip to Boston to see The Last Samurai

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id: 270
That neat lantern thing I got at Chinatown. I eventually put a cool LED light in it
id: 271
Waiting for the bus
id: 272
Muffie at Oak Grove
id: 273
Rob on the train
id: 274
Muffie on the train
id: 275
Steph reads on the train
id: 276
Muffie and Sean at some subway station
id: 277
id: 279
Outside some store..
id: 280
Everyone waiting for the movie to start
id: 282
It's that gnome again!!
id: 283
If we think a movie's really good we'll sit down right under the screen with our feet on the wall during the credits. It feels like you're flying over them.
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