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12/31/03 - We met Commander and Edith at Quincy Market and then headed back to Wacko's house.

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id: 284
Muffie watching TV at my house
id: 285
Becky with some magnet stuck to her face
id: 286
id: 287
James hides from the camera
id: 288
Is that so?
id: 289
Quincy Market!
id: 290
Wacko standing around in Boston
id: 291
Commander arrives
id: 292
James succesfully deflects a picture
id: 293
Where are we going?
id: 294
Somewhere in Boston..
id: 295
A building with shiny lights on it
id: 296
Still walking along in Boston
id: 297
Commander's bag
id: 298
Some crazy crap
id: 299
An ice penguin!
id: 300
This is where they started taking down the central artery in Boston
id: 301
History in the making
id: 302
I guess this is the new tunnel
id: 303
Some buildings in Boston
id: 304
Dr. Dragonas! James took this picture to "prove" his camera-phone was in fact a camera and not a phone (which would get it confiscated)
id: 305
A really creepy picture of Commander
id: 306
Commander holding something up
id: 307
Commander's friend
id: 308
Commander's friend again
id: 309
James in McDonalds
id: 310
"Hello from Boston"
id: 311
Edith and Commander
id: 312
Some taxi..
id: 313
My dad
id: 314
Steph and James in Wacko's basement
id: 315
Commander and Edith look at funny stuff on the internet
id: 316
James step steps
id: 317
Look at him go
id: 318
Commander makes a weird face while talking
id: 319
Wacko works on Audrey
id: 320
The video camera recorded some
id: 321
The gang in Wacko's basement
id: 322
Wacko takes a turn on the DDR pad
id: 323
James looks at the DDR game case
id: 324
Good thing he brought his trusty fan
id: 325
I love that shirt
id: 326
Commander takes out her new camera
id: 327
Some random crap on the table
id: 328
Wacko films some people DDRing
id: 329
A creepy picture of Commander
id: 330
Ga! I've been spotted!
id: 331
Someone set Wacko up the bomb
id: 332
Steph watches all
id: 333
Steph takes a turn on the dance pad
id: 334
This wasn't our beer
id: 335
But this was my Mountain Dew
id: 336
And Wacko's Coke
id: 337
Kotoko is still partially disassembled. There's my webcam behind it
id: 338
My Rei posted that Wacko somehow acquired
id: 339
Our MIT hardhats on Tomato.
id: 340
Commander and Edith watch stuff on a laptop
id: 341
id: 342
Wacko's workstation
id: 343
Hyatt. This was taken even before my NASA sticker
id: 344
Wacko took this shot while testing motion blurring. We thought it was funny so we kept it
id: 345
Quincy Market
id: 346
Wacko's Basement, 360+ degrees!
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