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01/01/04 - New Years 2004 at Wacko's house. Commander and Edith came from NYC to celebrate with us.

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id: 347
Commander looks at something
id: 348
Commander takes some pictures of her own
id: 349
A nice shot of Commander laughing
id: 350
Steph smiles for the camera
id: 351
The back of Edith's head?
id: 352
Someone on the DDR pad
id: 353
Edith hides from the camera again
id: 354
She avoids yet another picture
id: 355
Commander takes my picture
id: 356
Finally caught Edith off guard
id: 357
"Want some pizza?"
id: 358
Everyone hanging out in Wacko's basement
id: 359
Commander thinking about something
id: 360
Wacko doing something on the floor?
id: 361
Edith and Commander on the couch
id: 362
Wacko looks around
id: 363
The internet connection goes from the second floor, out the window, down the side of the house, and in the basement window
id: 364
Someone took this gross picture of me
id: 365
Steph in front of my Rei poster
id: 366
I'm showing Edith and Commander something
id: 367
Why do I keep taking these terrible pictures?
id: 368
Happy new years!
id: 369
Someone's buddy list, blurred out
id: 370
Somone on TV??? What am I doing??
id: 371
Commander looks at something
id: 372
Tim is not amused
id: 373
Everyone on Wacko's couch
id: 374
"Give me my camera!"
id: 375
I'm making a weird face here, and Commander's making a weird face at me
id: 376
Wacko adjusts his video camera
id: 377
Edith has had enough
id: 378
Ugg, look at me go
id: 379
A blurry shot of me. I kind of like it
id: 380
A closeup of Wacko's squirrel
id: 381
A blurry shot of... nothing?
id: 382
A blurry shot of Edith's hair and the wall?
id: 383
Command and Edith are asleep
id: 384
Commander with Wacko's squirrel
id: 385
Steph hides behind a pillow
id: 386
James on the couch with Commander and Steph
id: 387
Nice face, James
id: 388
Commander's still awake, but Edith is long gone
id: 389
Hanging out on the couch
id: 390
James has the squirrel now
id: 391
Ug, you can see that gross chin thing I have
id: 392
Some random crap
id: 393
Steph and hiding James
id: 394
James continues to hide while Commander tries to sleep
id: 395
Someone sleeping?
id: 396
Everyone's sick of my pictures
id: 397
Especially James
id: 398
Still on the couch
id: 399
id: 400
Commander still tries to sleep
id: 401
I'm in a sleeping bag... is it mine?
id: 402
James hides
id: 403
Sleeping on the DDR pad is not comfortable
id: 404
Wow, what a terrible picture
id: 405
Steph.. doing... something
id: 406
Me walking around
id: 407
Commander fixes her hair
id: 408
Video time!
id: 409
I'm looking at whoever has my camera
id: 410
A weird closeup of Commander
id: 411
Who the hell is this!?
id: 412
Another weird closeup of Commander
id: 413
"No more pictures!"
id: 414
Everyone's asleep
id: 415
Except Steph. Jerk
id: 416
Who gave James a camera!?
id: 417
Bad idea
id: 418
Commander in mid-motion
id: 419
More couch shots
id: 420
That was a long night..
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