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01/05/04 - First day back at school since the new camera. Lots of people, bridge contest.

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id: 421
id: 422
My gerbil Pyoko in her shavings pile
id: 423
Mark hides from the camera
id: 424
Calculus class
id: 425
Dr. Peterson's big origami ball
id: 426
Mr. Barth
id: 427
Thanh smiles for the camera
id: 428
Muffie's lunch
id: 429
id: 430
Muffie in Ms. Whitner's room
id: 431
Ms. Whitner
id: 432
Latin class
id: 433
id: 434
Look at him go
id: 435
Nice face
id: 436
"No no!"
id: 437
A blurry picture of Dr. Groden
id: 438
Dr. Groden!
id: 439
Steph in physics
id: 440
Robert taking notes in physics
id: 441
Amanda outside physics
id: 442
Jared makes a weird face
id: 443
Dave and Erica pose for the camera
id: 444
Testing tiny bridges
id: 445
We had all kinds of weights
id: 446
Not a bad design
id: 447
They had to be under a certain weight
id: 448
Robert makes some last minute adjustments
id: 449
A bridge is put to the weight test
id: 450
Robert and Thanh
id: 451
Rob and Thanh work on a bridge while Ms. Whitner watches
id: 452
Amanda thinks this thing is neat
id: 453
Jared looks around
id: 454
Steph looks at the bridge testing
id: 455
"No pictures!"
id: 456
Thanh does her creepy neck thing
id: 457
Amanda poses with a yardstick
id: 458
Thanh says "please give me the camera"
id: 459
Robert makes a weird face
id: 460
Jared with his calculator
id: 461
What kind of tragedy happened here?
id: 462
Thanh's in no mood for cameras
id: 463
That's where he died
id: 464
Everyone... in a group for some reason
id: 465
Thanh and Robert looking at my computer
id: 466
Robert poses like Sailor Moon
id: 467
James made this in class. He's very very bored in class.
id: 468
He also made this....
id: 469
Mr. Burkett works on... something
id: 470
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