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01/07/04 - It's Becky's 16th birthday! Watch her open her presents!

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id: 492
Mr. Carovillano in class
id: 493
Abby at lunch
id: 494
Marjorie in Latin
id: 495
Kenji should be doing latin
id: 496
But he's not
id: 497
Rachel at work
id: 498
Some person I don't know in my Latin class
id: 499
Dr. Dragonas!
id: 500
Dr. Peterson is not amused
id: 501
Dr. Peterson's desk
id: 502
Dr. Peterson's bookshelf
id: 503
Dr. Peterson's door. Note the anime clube flyer
id: 504
Dr. Peterson's room
id: 505
Dr. Peterson's room
id: 506
id: 507
id: 508
id: 509
Where I was working. You can see the line equation in the blue poster
id: 510
Some crap on Dr. Peterson's shelf
id: 511
Another of Dr. Peterson's bookshelves
id: 512
The view from my desk
id: 513
A non-flash view from my desk
id: 514
The ten commandments of calculus
id: 515
A calculus project
id: 516
id: 517
Stellated = fun
id: 518
The Pi wall
id: 519
The e wall
id: 520
Weird desk shot 1
id: 521
Weird desk shot 2
id: 522
Weird desk shot 3
id: 523
Weird desk shot 4
id: 524
Weird desk shot 5
id: 525
Weird desk shot 6
id: 526
Weird desk shot 7
id: 527
Weird desk shot 8
id: 528
Weird desk shot 9
id: 529
Weird desk shot 10
id: 530
Weird desk shot 11
id: 531
Weird desk shot 12
id: 532
Weird desk shot 13
id: 533
Weird desk shot 14
id: 534
Weird desk shot 15
id: 535
Weird desk shot 16
id: 536
Our Christmas tree on the street
id: 537
Becky got some clothes
id: 538
Becky likes clothes
id: 539
Becky's pile of birthday presents
id: 540
Looking at some clothes
id: 541
Kind of trying on some clothes
id: 542
Actually trying on clothes
id: 543
Time to look at the card
id: 544
What a creepy card
id: 545
Becky got a hat
id: 546
Some book
id: 547
Becky really likes this book
id: 548
Unwrapping some slippers
id: 549
Hello Kitty!
id: 550
Becky reaches for something
id: 551
Opening some other stuff
id: 552
Trying on more stuff
id: 553
Becky looks at.. something
id: 554
My mom looks on
id: 555
Becky tries on more stuff
id: 556
Becky tries on... more stuff
id: 557
Becky puts some stuff away
id: 558
Becky tells her friends about all the stuff she got
id: 559
How Becky looks when her friends aren't around
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