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01/09/04 - Piano, anime club, and a Beebe group photo.

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id: 571
Robert is surprised
id: 572
Betty's not ready for her closeup
id: 573
There she is
id: 574
The moon?
id: 575
id: 576
Mr. Reilly
id: 577
Thanh in calculus
id: 578
Dr. Peterson is busy
id: 579
This guy wrote a book and came in to talk to us about it. It's about his travels around the world.
id: 580
Jared walks away
id: 581
I was running and suddenly stopped, so the strap flew up into view
id: 582
Max, from anime club
id: 583
Mr. Burkett (aka Mr. Greg)
id: 584
id: 585
Mr. Greg is sleepy
id: 586
Mr. Greg looks through my DVDs while Max looks at the screen
id: 587
Hanging out in the fishbowl
id: 588
James say "no pictures!"
id: 589
Beany doesn't want any pictures either
id: 590
Becky near the door
id: 591
James wheels away
id: 592
Beebe crew, take one
id: 593
The Beebe School crew
id: 594
Dan hangs out
id: 595
Mr. Greg looks at some paper
id: 596
id: 597
Max and James
id: 598
Mr. Greg
id: 599
Beany and James both hide from the camera
id: 600
Muffie gives Beany a hug
id: 601
Sean thinks he's cool
id: 602
My guidance counseler in my senior year
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