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01/12/04 - Waiting to get picked up and then the Wakefield library with Wacko.

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id: 603
Becky's computer "Capricorn" used to be in her room
id: 604
Strawberry sleeps on a soft blanket
id: 605
Duck slipper!
id: 606
Strawberry looks at me from the basement
id: 607
Strawberry is already bored of me
id: 608
Becky on her bed
id: 609
Strawberry likes his little bed thing
id: 610
Hey look, I bought some CDs.. with money
id: 611
My Arisia checklist
id: 612
My camera, with the stupid strap
id: 613
A closeup of my eye
id: 614
Pinder and Dr. Groden
id: 615
Creepy baby
id: 616
Where did Pinder find this creepy baby?
id: 617
Eraser man hates his life
id: 618
Poor eraser man
id: 619
A closeup of Dr. Peterson's keyboard
id: 620
I just noticed it's really two eraser men
id: 621
The world's largest cup of Mountain Dew?
id: 622
My workplace in Dr. Peterson's room
id: 623
My laptop, Hyatt
id: 624
It's already dark out!
id: 625
The couch in the waiting area
id: 626
I took this picture with the timer
id: 627
Yup, there I am
id: 628
There I am.. again
id: 629
I spent a lot of time on that couch
id: 630
Here's the view from the window
id: 631
Wacko looks over
id: 632
Wacko on the computer
id: 633
Wacko updates his Livejournal while I print an Orbiter manual
id: 634
Wacko closeups?
id: 635
Wacko says "what are you doing?"
id: 636
Wacko's Livejournal post
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