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01/14/04 - School and new pellet guns.

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id: 637
Whitner in class
id: 638
Whitner in class
id: 639
My laptop and Mr. Greg's laptop are nearly the same
id: 640
Ah yes, the Taco color
id: 641
That weird purple house on Lebanon Street
id: 642
Dr. Angorn, my orthodontist
id: 643
A cool sunset
id: 644
That weird hippie car
id: 645
James on the computer
id: 646
id: 647
id: 648
Whitner gets ready for class
id: 649
Sean and Rachel
id: 650
Hyatt's keyboard
id: 651
Amanda films her documentary
id: 652
It's about Dr. Peterson's calculus class
id: 653
I actually fell asleep while writing this
id: 654
Muffie hides
id: 655
James carved this
id: 656
This too
id: 657
A closeup of my touchpad
id: 658
Zak sleeps through class
id: 659
A sketchy illustration in my latin text
id: 660
My pencil?
id: 661
Some physics
id: 662
Some more physics
id: 663
A weird picture of myself
id: 664
Ms. Whitner's staff ID
id: 665
Muffie hurt her ear
id: 666
Ms. Whitner and Alex on a computer
id: 667
Some doofy folder
id: 668
id: 669
James waves
id: 670
id: 671
Someone else
id: 672
James runs away
id: 673
Muffie in the car
id: 674
James hides from the camera
id: 675
I can see myself in the rear view mirror
id: 676
That creepy sun thing on Muffie's house
id: 677
James' happy rock
id: 678
Kelly looks skeptical
id: 679
One of James' CDs
id: 680
An airsoft gun welt
id: 681
id: 682
Sean gives an enthusiastic thumbs up
id: 683
Sean's senior photo
id: 684
Lee Jung Hyun!
id: 685
id: 686
Another glared out shot
id: 687
Track list
id: 688
Stupid flash
id: 689
More CD art
id: 690
CD art
id: 691
Cover art
id: 692
Track list
id: 693
Track list
id: 694
Track list
id: 695
Airsoft gun
id: 696
Airsoft gun
id: 697
Airsoft gun
id: 698
Airsoft gun
id: 699
Airsoft gun
id: 700
Airsoft gun
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