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01/15/04 - After school with DP doing some calculus.

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id: 701
Some of my homework
id: 702
Thanh works on homework
id: 703
James says "what?"
id: 704
Abby tries to work
id: 705
"Go away, I'm trying to work"
id: 706
Abby managed to work through my photo-assault
id: 707
Katie and some random person in DP's room
id: 708
Melissa works on some calculus
id: 709
Katie catches up
id: 710
Melissa gets a pen.. or something?
id: 711
Katie closeup
id: 712
Calculus is fun?
id: 713
Katie does more math
id: 714
Betty says it's time to start the lesson
id: 715
Yes. Yes you are.
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