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01/18/04 - Arisia '04! Arisia was top of fun. There were a lot of great panels and events.

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id: 716
The weekend started off with a pleasant surprise: school was canceled!
id: 717
All the stuff I carried around
id: 718
Yep, there I am
id: 719
Wacko think's he's spiffy with his hat
id: 720
Waiting at the platform
id: 721
Muffie gives James a skeptical look
id: 722
Is that Rob?
id: 723
Arlington stop!
id: 724
Muffie and Rob
id: 725
There's the Park Plaza!
id: 726
Hooray, the Boston Park Plaza Hotel
id: 727
I'm not sure I even know these people
id: 728
Find the ducks!
id: 729
James in a hotel hallway
id: 730
Yep, there's James
id: 731
A typical hallway at the Park Plaza
id: 732
There I am in the mirror
id: 733
James is going to jump!
id: 734
Oh no! Don't do it James!
id: 735
Steph poses for a picture
id: 736
I don't know who this is
id: 737
I don't know who this is either
id: 738
Wacko hanging out in the computer room
id: 739
That creepy statue thing that comes back every year
id: 740
Steph in her new corset
id: 741
Tom's got some coke
id: 742
Wacko brought his video camera
id: 743
Emily's got wings!
id: 744
It's that stupid warning that I take a picture of every year
id: 745
Yeah, that's where the action is
id: 746
Beany looks like she's having fun
id: 747
Hey, Ed's here
id: 748
Ed and Beany pose
id: 749
There used to be an "M" there. ...I totally didn't take it
id: 750
Beany chose a floor
id: 751
The elevators are shiny
id: 752
Beany walking down the hall
id: 753
I forget this guy's name, but Beany apparently knows him
id: 754
Beany's surprised!
id: 755
Beany doesn't even have shoes on!
id: 756
That guy
id: 757
Ein! I finally got Ein back!
id: 758
Beany stole Ein for many months, and now I've got him back
id: 759
Bye random kid!
id: 760
Well isn't this an action-packed image
id: 761
Ein in the hallway
id: 762
id: 763
I heart ice
id: 764
A gross panel
id: 765
James was riding these things around
id: 766
I wasn't really a gopher. I just kind of got the ribbon
id: 767
James probably shouldn't be riding those things
id: 768
Looking down the stairwell
id: 769
Some staffers saw me take this picture and came after me for some reason
id: 770
I took this shot every year for a while
id: 771
When it's late at night, there's not a whole lot to take pictures of
id: 772
"I am watching you through a camera!"
id: 773
T is for "top?" I think it's for "tower"
id: 774
The pillows
id: 775
Ein in the air!
id: 776
I didn't know Ein could fly!
id: 777
James has a lighter
id: 778
James is flying!!
id: 779
My laptop wasn't really radioactive
id: 780
James + Ein shot 1
id: 781
James + Ein shot 2
id: 782
James + Ein shot 3
id: 783
James + Ein shot 4
id: 784
James + Ein shot 5
id: 785
James + Ein shot 6
id: 786
James + Ein shot 7
id: 787
James + Ein shot 8
id: 788
James + Ein shot 9
id: 789
James + Ein shot 10
id: 790
James + Ein shot 11
id: 791
James + Ein shot 12
id: 792
James + Ein shot 13
id: 793
James + Ein shot 14
id: 794
James + Ein shot 15
id: 795
James + Ein shot 16. I eventually put all these images together
id: 796
Tom is having fun
id: 797
Wacko's thirsty
id: 798
Want some refreshments?
id: 799
Wacko hanging out in the con suite
id: 800
Dirty, dirty floor
id: 801
id: 802
id: 803
Steph's got some Chex Mix
id: 804
Tom looks around
id: 805
Steph makes a face
id: 806
Mmm, ramen
id: 807
It's that guy I run across every year
id: 808
Everyone hangs out in the lobby
id: 809
Wacko looks bored
id: 810
This guy's still working, this late at night
id: 811
id: 812
This is how I carried Ein around
id: 813
The fancy chandelier
id: 814
Hanging out in the lobby
id: 815
Going to get some food
id: 816
The John Hancock tower
id: 817
Other people are also getting food
id: 818
Mmm, Au Bon Pain
id: 819
It's so expensive
id: 820
Mmm, gross
id: 821
Lots of muffins!
id: 822
Tom is not amused
id: 823
James' breakfast
id: 824
"Mmm, numnums"
id: 825
That.... is so gross
id: 826
Hey nerds!
id: 827
I heart the internet room
id: 828
Someone took my camera and took this picture of me sleeping in the anime room
id: 829
The guy who's supposed to be in charge was also sleeping
id: 830
Matt the Mat shows up!
id: 831
NERO fun!
id: 832
It's Athene!
id: 833
Shhh, it's a secret
id: 834
Wacko gets his hair braided
id: 835
id: 836
Party KK!
id: 837
Beany is Faye!
id: 838
Hanging out in the room
id: 839
Wacko's doing weird things to his hair
id: 840
Wacko's gross hair curls
id: 841
Tom is tired
id: 842
That other person
id: 843
Wacko checks out his new hair
id: 844
That other person
id: 845
id: 846
id: 847
Wacko and Tom are tired
id: 848
id: 849
The space travel panel
id: 850
This was a pretty interesting panel
id: 851
Glowstick fun!
id: 852
This was taken in the dark.. with a flash
id: 853
Wacko's camera
id: 854
Beany's a kitty
id: 855
Beany waits in line
id: 856
Dan waits with me
id: 857
An Ein point of view?
id: 858
Tom pretends to be me with Hyatt, my glasses, and Ein
id: 859
id: 860
Tom, Wacko, and Mike Burns
id: 861
Waiting in line
id: 862
Beany drew on KK's boob
id: 863
Mike Burns looks around
id: 864
Emily and Mike Burns
id: 865
KK hangs out in line
id: 866
James is sleeping
id: 867
All the stuff I won. I won the Haibane DVD I needed!
id: 868
Beany on a couch
id: 869
Dan got tagged
id: 870
Dan and Beany stand around
id: 871
Dan and Beany
id: 872
I'm sorry, I had to
id: 873
Beany gets ready to go
id: 874
A final look at the lobby floor
id: 875
id: 876
Lots of flyers for other cons
id: 877
Some random people
id: 878
Dan stands around
id: 879
That stick plastic with writing..
id: 880
I wasa gopher, but I didn't help at all
id: 881
A blurry mirror shot
id: 882
id: 883
Time to go
id: 884
Walking to the subway
id: 885
Dan on the subway
id: 886
Someone drew where the posters go
id: 887
Beany ends the day with a weird face
id: 888
A panorama of the lobby
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