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01/19/04 - First trip to Worcester Polytechnic Institute, WPI.

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id: 889
id: 890
Highway fun
id: 891
Hey, I know Ware
id: 892
A WPI sign
id: 893
Hey, we made it!
id: 894
The weird lunch thing
id: 895
A view from the Circle of Doom
id: 896
A firetruck was there for some reason
id: 897
A lobby
id: 898
A random computer lab
id: 899
This was an experiment that flew on the shuttle!
id: 900
The campus center
id: 901
A car with a funny license plate
id: 902
id: 903
Some random building
id: 904
Dorms maybe?
id: 905
The Circle of Doom
id: 906
Some other buildings
id: 907
Another building
id: 908
Some pathway
id: 909
The campus center again
id: 910
A funny foxtrot comic, part 1
id: 911
A funny foxtrot comic, part 2
id: 912
And put together!
id: 913
The view from the Circle of Doom
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