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01/24/04 - Becky and my (delayed) birthday party at my grandmother's house. Lots of family.

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id: 928
Strawberry likes that pen
id: 929
Oh Strawberry, you can't do homework
id: 930
My mom talking to people
id: 931
My mom, Uncle Chris, and Uncle Michael
id: 932
Becky's having fun
id: 933
Johnny looks weird in this picture
id: 934
Johnny really likes that cookie
id: 935
Some relatives standing around
id: 936
Uncle Michael
id: 937
id: 938
Danny makes a weird face
id: 939
Fun fun?
id: 940
Uncle Peter
id: 941
Becky, Uncle Michael, Melissa
id: 942
Everyone's in the kitchen!
id: 943
Posing is fun!
id: 944
That's a pretty decent picture
id: 945
More standing around
id: 946
I caught Uncle Micahel off guard
id: 947
Everyone in the living nroom
id: 948
Johnny on the computer
id: 949
Johnny draws a guy with a really tiny head
id: 950
id: 951
Johnny looks at me
id: 952
Time to go?
id: 953
Our cake
id: 954
My grandmother
id: 955
Aunt Teresa moves the cake
id: 956
Standing around, talking
id: 957
Yep, there I am
id: 958
Time for presents
id: 959
Greg got Becky this weird thing
id: 960
And he got me a Hindi copy of Harry Potter
id: 961
Some can?
id: 962
A penguin!
id: 963
A really dark shot of everyone standing around
id: 964
A slightly better shot of everyone standing around
id: 965
Bye guys
id: 966
Becky eats some brownies
id: 967
Fortune cookie!
id: 968
Gah, old pictures of me!
id: 969
Johnny and Danny
id: 970
Aunt Teresa
id: 971
My mom and my cousin Colleen
id: 972
My mom and my cousin Colleen, again
id: 973
..and again
id: 974
..and again
id: 975
Note the guy in the background
id: 976
My mom checks out my new Harry Potter book
id: 977
She finished it already?
id: 978
My grandmother's having fun
id: 979
Becky sitting around
id: 980
Becky makes a weird face
id: 981
Uncle Peter and my cousin Melissa
id: 982
Danny's done with pictures
id: 983
Hi Aunt Diane
id: 984
Time to go
id: 985
Everyone gets ready to leave
id: 986
Someone in the mirror
id: 987
My mom looks around
id: 988
id: 989
Beany and her British friend at Wacko's house
id: 990
Fun fun!
id: 991
Wacko's got weird hair again
id: 992
Why you gotta be like that, Wacko?
id: 993
Wacko works on Tom's new laptop
id: 994
Wacko shows off his crazy hair
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