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01/27/04 - Distractions in physics, turkeys, ripped up carpet, and a basement taking shape.

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id: 1011
My TI-89
id: 1012
Rob pays attention to class
id: 1013
My wireless card
id: 1014
You can cook a hotdog if you put it at the focus of this parabola and put it in the sun
id: 1015
Jared in Dr. Peterson's room
id: 1016
id: 1017
Stupid turkeys
id: 1018
The floor was all ripped up!
id: 1019
It never got sanded.. (as of 2006)
id: 1020
Stupid floor
id: 1021
No more carpet
id: 1022
The basement's starting to look nice
id: 1023
The view looking up the stairs
id: 1024
The new laundry room
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