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01/30/04 - Laundry, Becky, cat, gerbil, jolt, penguin, eye, Tintalle, Mr. Greg, and the mystery ball.

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id: 1050
To get my laundry down to the basement I just threw it down the stairs
id: 1051
id: 1052
Haaay Becky
id: 1053
Becky's got Starburst
id: 1054
This is back when Becky's computer was still in her room
id: 1055
Myself in Becky's mirror
id: 1056
Strawberry in his bed
id: 1057
Becky strikes a pose
id: 1058
Pyoko looks around
id: 1059
Jolt gum!
id: 1060
id: 1061
Becky's eye?
id: 1062
Ms. Whitner gets ready to go
id: 1063
It's cold outisde
id: 1064
Mr. Greg
id: 1065
Some students made this for Mr. Burkett
id: 1066
1 3/4 WHAT!!?
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