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01/31/04 - Router, sleeping Becky, mysteriously twisted metal case ;), and poker at Jared's.

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id: 1067
Router at dad's house. A lot of good it did..
id: 1068
Becky's trying to sleep
id: 1069
A metal case
id: 1070
How did it get so bent?
id: 1071
This is a cool bend
id: 1072
It seems to be full of holes
id: 1073
I guess we'll never solve the mystery of the messed up metal case
id: 1074
A troll at Jared's house
id: 1075
id: 1076
Jared's self sculpture from around 1st grade
id: 1077
Jared's setup
id: 1078
A dollar with some text around the border. I put some black crap over it so I wouldn't just be posting a raw picture of a dollar for printing or something..
id: 1079
Windows XP magazine!!?
id: 1080
Hi Tyler
id: 1081
Sitting aorund the poker table
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