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02/03/04 - Clump O locks, flying, magazines, Becky, physics, floating, J-Pop, and a microwave.

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id: 1085
A turtle!
id: 1086
James in the open space
id: 1087
James made a tesselation
id: 1088
Dr. Peterson
id: 1089
Ms. Whitner at a computer
id: 1090
The clump of locks!
id: 1091
Whenever someone at MMS or MHS finds a lock, it ends up here
id: 1092
The moon
id: 1093
The moon again
id: 1094
Some balanced rocks
id: 1095
James with a thing
id: 1096
James walking away
id: 1097
Jump james!
id: 1098
James jumps!
id: 1099
Me at a computer in the library
id: 1100
Putting together my giant Mars Rover poster
id: 1101
24 pieces of paper, one huge poster
id: 1102
Seee? It says "Welcome" in the vines
id: 1103
Very clever
id: 1104
Nice pun guys
id: 1105
Mountain Zing!? What a ripoff
id: 1106
Speaking of ripoffs..
id: 1107
Becky's eye up close
id: 1108
id: 1109
Hi Becky
id: 1110
Becky thinks she's cool
id: 1111
Our only picture of Lily, our old cat
id: 1112
A funny Dilbert comic
id: 1113
My mom's TV remote is gross
id: 1114
My secret stash... not really
id: 1115
What a happy car
id: 1116
Mr. Carovillano's room
id: 1117
Physics class!
id: 1118
Miss Hiti!
id: 1119
Muffie at a desk
id: 1120
id: 1121
id: 1122
The cheese cube
id: 1123
Dr. Dragonas' sign
id: 1124
Outside the school
id: 1125
A "Join Origami Sign"
id: 1126
Parking lot
id: 1127
The old middle school
id: 1128
Muffie sidles out of frame
id: 1129
The high school
id: 1130
James and Muffie walking along
id: 1131
James flies!
id: 1132
The main entrance to the high school
id: 1133
We Are Melrose
id: 1134
Are We Melrose?
id: 1135
id: 1136
Mr. Coughlin is Napoleon
id: 1137
Dr. Peterson's new microwave
id: 1138
Main entrance to the high school
id: 1139
Some stupid sign
id: 1140
Some stupid sign: closeup
id: 1141
Another stupid sign
id: 1142
My book for class, and my awesome vocab book
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