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02/06/04 - Snow, injured Abby, physics, static and MHS Anime Club.

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id: 1152
Some weird book
id: 1153
id: 1154
Abby hurt her finger! Oh no!
id: 1155
She can still laugh about it though!
id: 1156
Physics class
id: 1157
Robert reading something
id: 1158
Fun with Interactive Physics and gravity
id: 1159
Thanh on the Van der Graff generator
id: 1160
Staticky hair!
id: 1161
Steph and Muffie
id: 1162
id: 1163
Handelman made a hat
id: 1164
id: 1165
id: 1166
Nick gives a thumbs up
id: 1167
Nick devoured some Twinkees... making a mess
id: 1168
Mr. Burkett does his Icchan impersonation
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