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02/08/04 - Becky, cat, airsoft wounds, cleaning out cereal and painting the basement.

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id: 1169
Becky has impeccable posture
id: 1170
Piano keys
id: 1171
Strawberry in his bed
id: 1172
Strawberry's all curled up
id: 1173
Hi Strawberry
id: 1174
A picture that Beany drew for me. Also the startup image on my old camera
id: 1175
This is what happens when you shoot your arm with an airsoft pistol at point blank range
id: 1176
id: 1177
My awesome new calculator, the TI-89
id: 1178
Becky throw away some old cereal
id: 1179
Good job, Becky
id: 1180
Strawberry hangs out on the couch
id: 1181
What a life
id: 1182
Strawberry is so apathetic
id: 1183
My mom paints in the basement
id: 1184
My mom's friends help out
id: 1185
Painting tools
id: 1186
Painting the wall
id: 1187
Paint in a dish
id: 1188
id: 1189
Afroken is in trouble!
id: 1190
He's back again
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