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02/10/04 - Walking from school to city hall to register to vote.

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id: 1201
The teacher's parking lot
id: 1202
The speed bump.. and my shadow
id: 1203
The icy sidewalk
id: 1204
id: 1205
The corner
id: 1206
Stop sign
id: 1207
The trees on the corner
id: 1208
Crossing the street
id: 1209
Another corner
id: 1210
The tennis courts
id: 1211
Walking along this street
id: 1212
The pond is frozen over
id: 1213
Walking along..
id: 1214
A crappy old house
id: 1215
A tree
id: 1216
A house under construction
id: 1217
Main Street
id: 1218
The old folk's home
id: 1219
Lebanon Street branches off here
id: 1220
Ell pond
id: 1221
The hospital
id: 1222
The sidewalk next to Ell Pond
id: 1223
The sidewalk again
id: 1224
Ell Pond
id: 1225
A war memorial
id: 1226
Another war memorial
id: 1227
The gazebo
id: 1228
Fleet bank
id: 1229
Caruso's pizza. It's supposed to be amazing.. I say if you like burnt pizza, go for it
id: 1230
Main Street sidewalk
id: 1231
Melrose co-op
id: 1232
Some church
id: 1233
Orange building?
id: 1234
That other building
id: 1235
Orange building
id: 1236
That building again
id: 1237
id: 1238
Fire station
id: 1239
City Hall!
id: 1240
My copy of the registration form
id: 1241
City Hall again
id: 1242
Post Office
id: 1243
City Hall
id: 1244
Inside City Hall
id: 1245
Me inside City Hall
id: 1246
id: 1247
The front of Shaw's
id: 1248
Vending machines
id: 1249
id: 1250
id: 1251
id: 1252
Main Street
id: 1253
id: 1254
id: 1255
Main Street sidewalk
id: 1256
Sweet's Stuff
id: 1257
Sweet's Stuff again
id: 1258
A car
id: 1259
id: 1260
Someone shot this window with a BB gun
id: 1261
Melrose Drug
id: 1262
A truck with my name on it
id: 1263
A painting on the side of a building
id: 1264
That stupid diner
id: 1265
The psychic
id: 1266
Writing on a bench
id: 1267
The psychic again
id: 1268
Papa Gino's
id: 1269
Butter truck
id: 1270
I'm bored!
id: 1271
My dad came and gave me a ride
id: 1272
Strawberry looking at stuff
id: 1273
A roller coaster in a book (Viper at SFDL)
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