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02/11/04 - Leno's headlines, Latin picture sniping, and DP.

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id: 1274
If your plane crashes, just cut the rope with your knife
id: 1275
Oh yeah?
id: 1276
That fly swatter will do you good
id: 1277
That's just weird
id: 1278
Oh no! Don't shoot Santa
id: 1279
Haha, what a weird ad
id: 1280
id: 1281
Robert sleeping in class
id: 1282
id: 1283
Some kid had a nosebleed
id: 1284
id: 1285
id: 1286
id: 1287
Dr. Groden
id: 1288
The quicklaunch buttons on Hyatt
id: 1289
id: 1290
id: 1291
Nick hides behind a book
id: 1292
Dr. Groden teaching Latin
id: 1293
Hi Dr. Groden
id: 1294
id: 1295
Majorie gets into Latin
id: 1296
Marjorie notices the camera
id: 1297
Nick with his pen
id: 1298
id: 1299
Nick points at the camera
id: 1300
Weird face
id: 1301
Reading for something?
id: 1302
Dr. Peterson!
id: 1303
Dr. Peterson with a few of her favorite things
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