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02/13/04 - Mr. Reilly, snowy day, ripping CDs in Latin, and Educational Video, and an MIT trip.

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id: 1306
A weird picture on Mr. Reilly's wall
id: 1307
An old picture of Mr. Reilly
id: 1308
It's snowy outside
id: 1309
A funny CD
id: 1310
I can't believe this is the actual title
id: 1311
id: 1312
Aiden and Mike Binari
id: 1313
This seems like a happy card...
id: 1314
...ok maybe not so much
id: 1315
Me in a chair
id: 1316
A really weird ad at MIT
id: 1317
MIT Anime Club
id: 1318
An add for some movies
id: 1319
Bat boy the musical?
id: 1320
This was built into a table in the student center
id: 1321
id: 1322
Me and Jared play DDR
id: 1323
Wacko and Jared play DDR
id: 1324
James has some drink
id: 1325
Wacko at MIT's student center
id: 1326
Blurry feet!
id: 1327
They dance so quickly
id: 1328
James and Wacko take a turn
id: 1329
Wacko's in his bare feet!
id: 1330
Blurry feet
id: 1331
Fun fun!
id: 1332
The MIT ambulance
id: 1333
id: 1334
Phil poses near a door
id: 1335
Hi Phil
id: 1336
James picks that guy's lucky nose
id: 1337
A panorama of the MIT student center
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