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02/20/04 - A trip to New York City to visit Commander via the Fung Wah bus.

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id: 1359
Oak Grove
id: 1360
It's so early!
id: 1361
James is here!
id: 1362
Wacko enthusiastically puts on deodorant
id: 1363
Wacko heads up the stairs
id: 1364
The bus!
id: 1365
Getting into our seats
id: 1366
James in his seat
id: 1367
The sun came up
id: 1368
We sat in th eback
id: 1369
James with some donuts
id: 1370
This is his breakfast
id: 1371
A truck going by
id: 1372
The highway to NYC is coming up!
id: 1373
High voltage lines
id: 1374
id: 1375
"Let's not build a third floor"
id: 1376
A big V!
id: 1377
Haha, blackberries
id: 1378
This place looks like Chernobyl!
id: 1379
Pretty sketchy
id: 1380
What the hell happened to this highway!?
id: 1381
Was it carpet bombed?
id: 1382
The Fung Wah bus at a pitstop
id: 1383
Patrick Pinder?
id: 1384
James with the face on the wall
id: 1385
Posing with the back of the bus
id: 1386
James stands in front of the bus
id: 1387
A bridge?
id: 1388
A water tower
id: 1389
That bridge got closer
id: 1390
A school bus
id: 1391
A bridge
id: 1392
Some.. building
id: 1393
Going over the bridge
id: 1394
The city approaches
id: 1395
id: 1396
id: 1397
There's NYC!
id: 1398
The Empire State Building in the distance
id: 1399
An airplane going by
id: 1400
The city in the distance
id: 1401
The Empire State Building
id: 1402
Happy Wok!
id: 1403
Is this child supposed to be seducing me??
id: 1404
Drug traffic?
id: 1405
A weird rabbit truck
id: 1406
It's Jesus!
id: 1407
A car accident
id: 1408
A store
id: 1409
Some more stores
id: 1410
That's handy
id: 1411
Some documentary?
id: 1412
Chinese store
id: 1413
A building
id: 1414
Some theater?
id: 1415
A pidgeon!
id: 1416
Documentary people
id: 1417
James and Wacko in NYC
id: 1418
James calls someone
id: 1419
It took a long time to get here
id: 1420
1-800-COP-SHOT ??
id: 1421
Commander arrives!
id: 1422
James and Wacko in some pastry store
id: 1423
id: 1424
Chickens and ducks!
id: 1425
Parking meter
id: 1426
id: 1427
Some official building
id: 1428
Another building
id: 1429
A bunch of news vans
id: 1430
id: 1431
Commander walking along
id: 1432
News vans
id: 1433
Another building
id: 1434
Some cars..
id: 1435
A car on a van
id: 1436
A big red thing
id: 1437
Some pillars
id: 1438
Another building
id: 1439
id: 1440
id: 1441
Those stupid tour busses!
id: 1442
id: 1443
id: 1444
What a weird sign
id: 1445
More people with cameras
id: 1446
Construction workers
id: 1447
id: 1448
id: 1449
Walking behind James and Commander
id: 1450
Another tall building
id: 1451
Arriving at Ground Zero
id: 1452
It's Ground Zero
id: 1453
Getting closer to the fence
id: 1454
Some buildings were still damaged
id: 1455
I think this building was in Hackers!
id: 1456
Some pictures of the towers
id: 1457
Three years later and they still haven't started building
id: 1458
It's just a big hole in the ground
id: 1459
A big metal cross
id: 1460
There's a heavy duty fence around the whole area
id: 1461
Some cop near an opening
id: 1462
A fire station
id: 1463
A damanged building
id: 1464
Still covered up in tarp
id: 1465
id: 1466
It was pretty deep
id: 1467
This shows the different underground layers
id: 1468
Cables holding a wall
id: 1469
The ramp down into the hole
id: 1470
More underground layers
id: 1471
Going down an escalator
id: 1472
In some building
id: 1473
Commander makes a weird face
id: 1474
Commander looks around
id: 1475
Some stupid building
id: 1476
Walking along
id: 1477
More buildings around Ground Zero
id: 1478
Commander and James walking
id: 1479
id: 1480
The back of Commander's head
id: 1481
A bike traffic light
id: 1482
Bike Route?
id: 1483
Some field
id: 1484
A neat footbridge
id: 1485
Another building
id: 1486
The front entrance to Commander's high school
id: 1487
That bridge
id: 1488
Inside the bridge
id: 1489
James made a weird face so I had to black it out. Part of "Hackers" was filmed on the stairway in the background but we couldn't get there
id: 1490
A tennis court
id: 1491
Going down some stairs
id: 1492
Weird art
id: 1493
Sports areas
id: 1494
An ambulance
id: 1495
Wacko doesn't seem thrilled
id: 1496
James with his tripod
id: 1497
Commander and a friend
id: 1498
Wacko and James
id: 1499
id: 1500
id: 1501
A playground
id: 1502
id: 1503
id: 1504
On a shuttle bus
id: 1505
Walking through the city
id: 1506
Some ball made from parts of the WTC
id: 1507
The ball with the eternal flame
id: 1508
Eternal flame
id: 1509
Memorial sign
id: 1510
The ball again
id: 1511
id: 1512
id: 1513
id: 1514
The Statue of Liberty
id: 1515
the Statue of Liberty with some crappy zoom
id: 1516
The Statue of Liberty with no zoom
id: 1517
Looking at the statue
id: 1518
At the railling
id: 1519
A ferry
id: 1520
A boat
id: 1521
Yelling about something?
id: 1522
Some buildings
id: 1523
id: 1524
id: 1525
Standing around
id: 1526
Doot doot doo
id: 1527
id: 1528
James looks around
id: 1529
James took this picture and told Wacko he was pointing to the statue
id: 1530
I was there too
id: 1531
A ferry
id: 1532
id: 1533
Commander and a guy I don't know
id: 1534
James with his pillow
id: 1535
id: 1536
id: 1537
id: 1538
id: 1539
James and Wacko
id: 1540
A squirrel!
id: 1541
id: 1542
id: 1543
Homeless dude
id: 1544
People selling stuff next to the "No Vendors" sign
id: 1545
id: 1546
Pointing to something?
id: 1547
id: 1548
Weird statues
id: 1549
id: 1550
Hope Garden?
id: 1551
Creepy statue
id: 1552
id: 1553
Everyone in the distance. James is easy to find
id: 1554
James walking along. Note the frowny face
id: 1555
Walking along
id: 1556
That ball again
id: 1557
id: 1558
Walking along
id: 1559
id: 1560
Tanuki makes a face
id: 1561
Commander waits to cross the street
id: 1562
A map
id: 1563
A taxi!
id: 1564
Commander and Tanuki talk
id: 1565
People crossing the street
id: 1566
A taxi
id: 1567
A shuttle bus
id: 1568
id: 1569
A creepy dude
id: 1570
This dude looks like Willow!
id: 1571
Those freaking tour busses
id: 1572
Stupid bus
id: 1573
id: 1574
Old boats
id: 1575
Another old boat
id: 1576
James somehow found a porch up high
id: 1577
Hi James
id: 1578
A boat
id: 1579
James goes down some stairs
id: 1580
I'm not sure who took this picture since I'm in it
id: 1581
id: 1582
id: 1583
A wicked creepy sign
id: 1584
id: 1585
That building you see in WTC pics
id: 1586
The Brooklyn Bridge
id: 1587
Me standing in front of the Brooklyn Bridge
id: 1588
A touristy picture
id: 1589
Wacko on the interwebs
id: 1590
Some yummy pizza
id: 1591
James didn't like his I guess
id: 1592
Eating foods
id: 1593
Those buildings again
id: 1594
A seagull!
id: 1595
A seagull up close!
id: 1596
id: 1597
The bird is flying away!
id: 1598
What a weird position
id: 1599
Birds flying
id: 1600
Hello bird
id: 1601
id: 1602
How did I get this close?
id: 1603
Birds flying
id: 1604
A bird landing
id: 1605
Bird in flight
id: 1606
A weird boat
id: 1607
id: 1608
Water taxi
id: 1609
Commander and guy
id: 1610
id: 1611
James going down the stairs
id: 1612
id: 1613
id: 1614
id: 1615
The place we ate at
id: 1616
id: 1617
Walking on the pier
id: 1618
id: 1619
Free wireless!
id: 1620
id: 1621
id: 1622
I had nothing to do with this place
id: 1623
id: 1624
id: 1625
james in a colorful seat
id: 1626
The subway!
id: 1627
What an insane map
id: 1628
Automated ticket machine
id: 1629
The machine
id: 1630
Put money in
id: 1631
Commander on the train
id: 1632
A porn place
id: 1633
id: 1634
Big ads
id: 1635
A weird skybridge
id: 1636
Some.. colorful thing
id: 1637
It kept changing colors
id: 1638
We did some karaoke
id: 1639
Tanuki sings
id: 1640
Sing sing sing
id: 1641
James in the karaoke place
id: 1642
They had everything, even On Your Mark!
id: 1643
id: 1644
id: 1645
Commander sings!
id: 1646
James sings!
id: 1647
Tanuki and Wacko sing
id: 1648
Tanuki sings
id: 1649
Wacko poses
id: 1650
James with the clap machine
id: 1651
id: 1652
Wacko singing
id: 1653
The other part of the room
id: 1654
The view from the top corner
id: 1655
wacko singing
id: 1656
Electric tamborine
id: 1657
id: 1658
The tamborine thing
id: 1659
Commander singing
id: 1660
Go Commander Go
id: 1661
id: 1662
Commander and Tanuki
id: 1663
Karaoke sign
id: 1664
Weird sign
id: 1665
Empire State Building!
id: 1666
All blurry..
id: 1667
Empire State Building at night!
id: 1668
Empire State Building all lit up
id: 1669
Tall building
id: 1670
Sorry for the blurry
id: 1671
Inside the lobby
id: 1672
id: 1673
Empire State art
id: 1674
Crap for sale
id: 1675
id: 1676
Crap store
id: 1677
Hilarious t-shirts
id: 1678
id: 1679
Macy's sign
id: 1680
id: 1681
Times Square!
id: 1682
In the middle of Times Square
id: 1683
USPS sign
id: 1684
Signs everywhere
id: 1685
id: 1686
A fancy McDonalds
id: 1687
id: 1688
Neon signs
id: 1689
Blurry signs
id: 1690
Blurry signs
id: 1691
American flag lights
id: 1692
Giant cup noodles
id: 1693
id: 1694
Cup noodles
id: 1695
Blurry signs
id: 1696
I didn't know this place was real!
id: 1697
Times Square
id: 1698
Wacko in Times Square
id: 1699
James with Toys R Us
id: 1700
Hahaha! HTML on a ticker
id: 1701
id: 1702
Cup noodles
id: 1703
A very bright building
id: 1704
Times Square ads
id: 1705
A bunch of people
id: 1706
They're all watching the lottery
id: 1707
id: 1708
Lots of people
id: 1709
People on the sidewalk
id: 1710
Lottery people
id: 1711
Ferris wheel
id: 1712
Ash and Pikachu!
id: 1713
id: 1714
Jimmy Neutron!
id: 1715
Monopoly car
id: 1716
A big Rubik's Cube
id: 1717
A big green thing
id: 1718
It's a me! Mario!
id: 1719
id: 1720
Some kind of insane video game setup
id: 1721
Wacko with monkeys
id: 1722
James on the floor
id: 1723
Some guy hanging
id: 1724
id: 1725
ET up close
id: 1726
id: 1727
A big Yu-Gi-Oh
id: 1728
LEGO buildings
id: 1729
LEGO skyscraper
id: 1730
LEGO Apollo!
id: 1731
Wacko in the Barbie house
id: 1732
A cat
id: 1733
That house isn't for you Wacko
id: 1734
Very clever
id: 1735
I'm in the Barbie House!
id: 1736
Wacko in a Hobermann sphere
id: 1737
Get out of there
id: 1738
Now I'm in the sphere!
id: 1739
id: 1740
Wacko across the way
id: 1741
Ferris Wheel
id: 1742
Commander and James!
id: 1743
Hi guys!
id: 1744
id: 1745
Wacko on the bridge
id: 1746
Me and Elmo
id: 1747
id: 1748
Elmo is eating.. Elmo!!
id: 1749
id: 1750
id: 1751
id: 1752
Stupid MTV
id: 1753
MTV from the outside
id: 1754
id: 1755
An ad?
id: 1756
That's what time it is
id: 1757
id: 1758
Commander with one of her cats
id: 1759
Mutant cat!
id: 1760
Wacko sleeps as if his spine is broken
id: 1761
Commander a cat
id: 1762
id: 1763
Hello cat
id: 1764
Cat comes to investiage
id: 1765
A crazy octopus grabbing dogs on TV
id: 1766
Commander tells a story
id: 1767
Cat eating plant
id: 1768
That crazy cat
id: 1769
Commander on the internet
id: 1770
Type type type
id: 1771
I got cut by a cat
id: 1772
Commander decided to clip the cat's nails
id: 1773
Bye cat
id: 1774
An essay for school by Commander
id: 1775
Commander sitting around
id: 1776
id: 1777
id: 1778
Neato store
id: 1779
James thought it was funny
id: 1780
Commander's got a hat
id: 1781
Weird drinks
id: 1782
So much pocky!
id: 1783
The restaurant from Seinfeld!
id: 1784
Tom's Restaurant
id: 1785
It's like I'm in TV
id: 1786
There it is
id: 1787
Wacko on the phone
id: 1788
A sign
id: 1789
Commander and I went to meet William Gibson
id: 1790
Hi Commander
id: 1791
id: 1792
id: 1793
id: 1794
James walking along
id: 1795
Wacko on a cliff
id: 1796
Wacko's being dangerous
id: 1797
Watch out, Wacko!
id: 1798
So far away
id: 1799
James far away
id: 1800
Come back here
id: 1801
Climbing a pipe
id: 1802
Wacko climbs a wall
id: 1803
James on a sidewalk
id: 1804
Sitting on the side of the sidewalk
id: 1805
Walking along
id: 1806
Oh no! He fell over!
id: 1807
id: 1808
James climbs the wall
id: 1809
James on the wall
id: 1810
Hi James
id: 1811
Get down from there
id: 1812
A statue
id: 1813
William Gibson does a reading
id: 1814
He wrote "Neuromancer"
id: 1815
William Gibson signing my copy of "Neuromancer"
id: 1816
That restaurant again
id: 1817
People standing around
id: 1818
A fire in the distance
id: 1819
A fire engine
id: 1820
A big ladder
id: 1821
id: 1822
Oh no! Smoke!
id: 1823
That building is on fire
id: 1824
That building got messed up
id: 1825
id: 1826
Fire engine
id: 1827
Emergency vehicles
id: 1828
The burnt building
id: 1829
Fire engine..
id: 1830
Fire engine
id: 1831
Fire engine...
id: 1832
Commander waits to cross the street
id: 1833
id: 1834
id: 1835
Commander gets out her camera
id: 1836
Check out how small it is! She keeps it in an Altoids tin!
id: 1837
Commander's friend looks at a phone
id: 1838
Commander's friends
id: 1839
id: 1840
One of Commander's friends
id: 1841
The burnt out building
id: 1842
Debris on the street
id: 1843
Stuff in the street
id: 1844
Smoke coming out of windows
id: 1845
id: 1846
Commander pokes my camera
id: 1847
Someone spilled sauce
id: 1848
Bummer, sauce
id: 1849
Getting food
id: 1850
Wacko gets tickets
id: 1851
id: 1852
id: 1853
Our ticket
id: 1854
id: 1855
id: 1856
Our bus!
id: 1857
Wacko hides
id: 1858
Starting out trip home
id: 1859
True story
id: 1860
Wacko peeks over his jacket
id: 1861
The bus
id: 1862
id: 1863
id: 1864
id: 1865
Buildings in the background
id: 1866
Blurry lights
id: 1867
id: 1868
More lights!
id: 1869
Wacko leaving the bus
id: 1870
Wacko and James with the bus
id: 1871
Does Thanh own this store?
id: 1872
James and Wacko on the T
id: 1873
Leaving the T
id: 1874
Wacko at Oak Grove
id: 1875
Hanging out at Oak Grove
id: 1876
James and Wacko
id: 1877
Finally home!
id: 1878
The Brooklyn Bridge
id: 1879
James got cloned
id: 1880
Wacko at a park
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