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02/28/04 - My classroom at MIT, Wacko showing his love for Latin, and James' 18th birthday.

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id: 1881
A strange sign at MIT
id: 1882
A big lecture room
id: 1883
Stadium seating!
id: 1884
id: 1885
Wacko in the distance
id: 1886
Wacko gets closer
id: 1887
Heyyy Wacko
id: 1888
Getting closer
id: 1889
Ahh he's right here!
id: 1890
Nice sweatshirt
id: 1891
"No pictures!"
id: 1892
Wacko jumping with a Latin textbook
id: 1893
Fun fun
id: 1894
id: 1895
Wacko takes out his rage again Latin on his book
id: 1896
id: 1897
Wacko jumping
id: 1898
id: 1899
id: 1900
My eye.. maybe?
id: 1901
Someone's eye
id: 1902
Chuck E Cheese's!
id: 1903
They have awesome pizza
id: 1904
It's Chuck E Cheese!
id: 1905
James at Chuck e Cheese
id: 1906
Wacko looks so despondent
id: 1907
Don't get stuck, Wacko!
id: 1908
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