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03/11/04 - Physics lab, a chance occurance, funny signs, and lasers + Wacko.

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id: 1924
id: 1925
This airsoft pellet got stuck in a poster!
id: 1926
It had exactly the right mount of energy
id: 1927
Physics homework
id: 1928
No way!
id: 1929
Used rugs? Or use drugs?
id: 1930
Now that's slow
id: 1931
id: 1932
Wacko takes a picture of himself
id: 1933
Me walking along
id: 1934
Laser Wacko
id: 1935
Lasers on Wacko!
id: 1936
id: 1937
Lasers are fun
id: 1938
id: 1939
Too bad I didn't have a longer exposure
id: 1940
id: 1941
Wacko <3's you
id: 1942
Wacko learned how to control energy
id: 1943
Kaaame..... haaammee...
id: 1944
Trace the limbs
id: 1945
His idea..
id: 1946
Haha, this is stupid
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