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03/19/04 - Drug assembly, new discman, Beckford, Robert sleeping, physics, and the stuff I carry.

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id: 1947
Wacko lining up a shot at me
id: 1948
Happy laser
id: 1949
Drug assembly!
id: 1950
James and Muffie aren't having fun
id: 1951
A blurry picture of the screen
id: 1952
Pinder looks around
id: 1953
Dr. Burke on Warden duty
id: 1954
id: 1955
That's a pretty big bag to inhale out of.. must be 15 feet tall!
id: 1956
I don't know why I tried so hard to get this shot
id: 1957
Mr. Barth's ID
id: 1958
James with his video camera
id: 1959
id: 1960
The MHS staff parking lot
id: 1961
The dongle for the CD player
id: 1962
It's a pretty sweet machine
id: 1963
I can clip this onto my pocket and leave the player in my backpack
id: 1964
The CD player while closed
id: 1965
See? It plays MP3 CDs
id: 1966
I never use the buttons on the side.
id: 1967
Mark Beckford
id: 1968
Rob's sleeping in Physics!
id: 1969
id: 1970
id: 1971
Circuits are fun..
id: 1972
id: 1973
id: 1974
id: 1975
id: 1976
id: 1977
id: 1978
Ooo, matrix multiplication
id: 1979
This was all very new at the time
id: 1980
Another circuit
id: 1981
Our homework.. I probably should have deleted this
id: 1982
I thought this was cool
id: 1983
All the stuff I carried around daily
id: 1984
Another shot
id: 1985
I used to carry a lot of stuff around...
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