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03/20/04 - Our (Phil and I) Anime class at MIT, and then to Funworld for DDR and a roller coaster.

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id: 1986
The class I taught at MIT. WPI Mike is there
id: 1987
They were a pretty good class
id: 1988
A weird doll
id: 1989
What the hell is going on here??
id: 1990
Voice Dick
id: 1991
Some kind of translator
id: 1992
Looks like Korean
id: 1993
Steph. Wacko stretches in a weird way
id: 1994
id: 1995
Step step
id: 1996
Blurry dancers
id: 1997
DDR! Whoo
id: 1998
Dance dance dance
id: 1999
id: 2000
id: 2001
id: 2002
Blurry feet
id: 2003
James and Wacko step step
id: 2004
Go James go
id: 2005
id: 2006
id: 2007
Blurry dancing
id: 2008
Steph is driving
id: 2009
James plays a game
id: 2010
An inside coaster
id: 2011
Wacko gives himself an MRI
id: 2012
Wacko with a panda bear
id: 2013
Panda bear
id: 2014
id: 2015
We named this guy Stephen Hawking
id: 2016
Leave Stephen alone, Wacko
id: 2017
What kind of a kid wants this for a prize?
id: 2018
Elmo noooo!!!
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