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03/24/04 - Physics, Kotoko, lab, and college acceptance letters.

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id: 2019
A squirrel!
id: 2020
I got into WPI!
id: 2021
Pineapple soda!? Gross
id: 2022
id: 2023
id: 2024
id: 2025
Becky's friend
id: 2026
Fun with physics
id: 2027
id: 2028
id: 2029
Semi gives a thumbs up in front of Tex
id: 2030
A resistor!
id: 2031
id: 2032
Tex looks wicked psyched
id: 2033
Physics lab
id: 2034
Tex and Semi are thinking
id: 2035
Tex is having fun
id: 2036
Hayyy Jared
id: 2037
What a mess
id: 2038
Hey Jared
id: 2039
Dr. Peterson's Diet Mountain Dew stash
id: 2040
Some guy
id: 2041
WPI acceptance Letter
id: 2042
Northeastern University acceptance Letter
id: 2043
Alfred Unversity acceptance letter
id: 2044
MIT rejection letter
id: 2045
Clark University acceptance letter... this one's the important one
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