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03/25/04 - Mr. Barth's baby, walking home, and hanging out at Conant.

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id: 2046
Mr. Barth's wife came in
id: 2047
She brought their new baby
id: 2048
id: 2049
Ms. Whitner
id: 2050
I forget this guy's name
id: 2051
That dog that always barks at me
id: 2052
Heyyyy dog!
id: 2053
It's Muffie!
id: 2054
James broke a stapler
id: 2055
Oh yeah?
id: 2056
A cat
id: 2057
A cow!
id: 2058
Another cow!
id: 2059
Sean's house
id: 2060
James climbing the fence
id: 2061
Look at him go
id: 2062
He's like a monkey!
id: 2063
Go James go!
id: 2064
He's moved on to the container thing
id: 2065
He made it to the top
id: 2066
James on the other side of the container
id: 2067
I try balancing on... something
id: 2068
James balances on the fence
id: 2069
id: 2070
James jumps
id: 2071
Jesus James?
id: 2072
id: 2073
James jumps!
id: 2074
What the hell happened here?
id: 2075
James is climbing the wrong way!
id: 2076
id: 2077
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