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04/01/04 - Dialated eyes, magnetism, leaky roof, right handed rule, and Piro.

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id: 2105
I went to the eye doctor..
id: 2106
He put some crap in my eyes
id: 2107
It made my pupils dialate
id: 2108
It makes everything way too bright
id: 2109
Iron shavings and magnets!
id: 2110
Magnets are fun
id: 2111
id: 2112
id: 2113
id: 2114
id: 2115
A bar magnet
id: 2116
More shavings
id: 2117
This is how magnetic fields work
id: 2118
See this paper?
id: 2119
Lots of soda!
id: 2120
Ninja Barth!
id: 2121
MHS hallway
id: 2122
Leaky ceiling...
id: 2123
Making a tower
id: 2124
Straw tower
id: 2125
Tower and physics
id: 2126
id: 2127
Anthony figures out the right hand rule
id: 2128
Looks like he's got it working
id: 2129
People figuring out the right hand rule
id: 2130
You've got it Robert
id: 2131
Binari's got a sandwich!
id: 2132
Where'd you get that sandwich?
id: 2133
id: 2134
Betty's got a funny hat
id: 2135
Fred "Piro" Gallagher
id: 2136
Piro giving his lecture
id: 2137
He was a pretty cool dude
id: 2138
id: 2139
Going over his points..
id: 2140
A blurry closeup
id: 2141
Talking about Megatokyo..
id: 2142
Using the projector
id: 2143
Talking about drawing
id: 2144
The lecture continues..
id: 2145
A flash pic
id: 2146
Doing a sketch
id: 2147
We got to watch him do it on the projector
id: 2148
id: 2149
Pretty sweet sketch
id: 2150
Finishing up Kimiko
id: 2151
Fred doing autographs
id: 2152
Signing stuff
id: 2153
Everyone gathers around
id: 2154
A Ping cosplayer!
id: 2155
Lots of people asked for autographs
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