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04/06/04 - James' house, Cocoa the devil cat, Rachel-rama, cow kite, new stickers for Hyatt.

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id: 2168
James steps over the camera
id: 2169
James caught Muffie!
id: 2170
Up in the air!
id: 2171
Muffie tries to escape!
id: 2172
Poor owl
id: 2173
James' room's window
id: 2174
The other window in James' room
id: 2175
What mysteries lie within?
id: 2176
Cocoa is not a nice kitty
id: 2177
Behold: Cocoa, demon cat!
id: 2178
Oh go away
id: 2179
If you're at the point in your life where you're whittling power cables to make them fit.. something is wrong
id: 2180
Rachel has a pen in her hair
id: 2181
Rachel is bored
id: 2182
Such posture, sit up straight Rachel
id: 2183
Rachel sticks her tongue out
id: 2184
Rachel looks to her left
id: 2185
Rachel being sneaky
id: 2186
Hi Rachel
id: 2187
Get your finger out of your mouth
id: 2188
That's better
id: 2189
id: 2190
Rachel takes a swig of water
id: 2191
I guess this is fun!
id: 2192
Mrs. McCollum
id: 2193
Ell Pond
id: 2194
Nice pond
id: 2195
Just don't go in it
id: 2196
id: 2197
Ell pond
id: 2198
A trash can and Ell Pond. Well, they're kind of the same thing..
id: 2199
Poor Huskie.. he doesn't like this heat
id: 2200
The cow kite takes flight!
id: 2201
Go cow kite!
id: 2202
Fly cow kite fly!
id: 2203
James with the kite
id: 2204
It's easily tangled
id: 2205
Rob and Muffie hug
id: 2206
Rob and Muffie
id: 2207
James with his kite
id: 2208
Hi Muffie!
id: 2209
B.U. waitlisted me?? Take your list and shove it!
id: 2210
Hyatt all covered in stickers
id: 2211
A panorama of the latin room with Nick everywhere! Poor Rachel got cut in half
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