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04/11/04 - Anime Boston '04 was a blast. Lots of cosplay pictures, around 500 total.

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id: 2212
The big red sign tells me I'm in the right place
id: 2213
First cosplayer spotted
id: 2214
Commander threatens James
id: 2215
Nice ears, Commander
id: 2216
I got my badge so I sat near at the table
id: 2217
The cover to the program
id: 2218
A free Digi Charat pencil board I got
id: 2219
James' badge
id: 2220
My badge
id: 2221
I liked the old badge better
id: 2222
The bag art
id: 2223
The other side of the bag
id: 2224
People waiting for their badges
id: 2225
Commander's badge
id: 2226
Commander checks out the free crap in the bag
id: 2227
Commander's friend
id: 2228
I finally got around to asking Cosplayer #1 for a proper picture
id: 2229
Commander and her buddies look through the program guide
id: 2230
id: 2231
Matt the Mat makes an appearance
id: 2232
Nice hat, Matt
id: 2233
That sign again
id: 2234
This is the infamous Coke machine that Wacko (as Ed) ran across the street at 1am to get some Coke from
id: 2235
Someone's drink?
id: 2236
My backpack, I had to show my Haibane fandom somehow
id: 2237
James enthusiastically announces Friday
id: 2238
My getup for Friday
id: 2239
Hmm, this seems somehow.. illegal
id: 2240
James is a scofflaw
id: 2241
Looking for a drink to bring
id: 2242
Walking on the tracks
id: 2243
James on the tracks
id: 2244
Walking to Oak Grove
id: 2245
James' face was so bad he made me blur it out
id: 2246
An odd ad
id: 2247
James on the train
id: 2248
Me sitting on the train
id: 2249
James' assorted badges
id: 2250
Going up the disorienting escalator
id: 2251
Since the tiles align with the railing and not the floor, you feel like you're falling over
id: 2252
Coming out into the light
id: 2253
Where's the hotel at?
id: 2254
Walking down the street
id: 2255
The Park Plaza hotel
id: 2256
James approaches the Park Plaza
id: 2257
Some cosplayers!
id: 2258
People standing around the lobby
id: 2259
An awful picture of a Rakka cosplayer
id: 2260
I found Commander!
id: 2261
People milling around the lobby
id: 2262
The view from our hotel room
id: 2263
Hi James
id: 2264
We couldn't really see the street
id: 2265
There's the street
id: 2266
Ah yes, ye olde dataport
id: 2267
Our gear
id: 2268
High quality food right there
id: 2269
More junk food
id: 2270
Muffie and James on the balcony
id: 2271
id: 2272
Streets and buildings
id: 2273
Some skyscrapers
id: 2274
A building in the distance
id: 2275
MIT's Green Building
id: 2276
Some building under construction
id: 2277
More buildings
id: 2278
James with shorts on!
id: 2279
James hides his shorts
id: 2280
On my way out the door
id: 2281
Lots of buttons
id: 2282
Some skyscrapers
id: 2283
Kenshin cosplayers!
id: 2284
I found Rakka!
id: 2285
id: 2286
That bum Draco Malfoy
id: 2287
Nami from One Piece
id: 2288
A very clever touch by some One Piece cosplayers
id: 2289
If only I knew she was wanted before I took the picture!
id: 2290
Some Naruto cosplayers
id: 2291
id: 2292
That Puchiko guy who shows up every year
id: 2293
Assorted cosplayers
id: 2294
Naota from FLCL
id: 2295
Sana's mom!
id: 2296
Princess Mononoke herself!
id: 2297
A very nice Tsukasa, complete with hippo
id: 2298
I have no idea why I took this picture.. or why he took it for that matter
id: 2299
Sana's mom is under attack!
id: 2300
People waiting around the balcony
id: 2301
People in the Masquerade audience, and Adam
id: 2302
Gendo with his typical pose.. a little awkward without the table
id: 2303
This girl was cool
id: 2304
Lots of people in the audience
id: 2305
id: 2306
id: 2307
Is this Cloud?
id: 2308
Oh no! Shinra soldiers!
id: 2309
Pyoko - nyo!
id: 2310
Solid Snake! I had to chase him down the stairs
id: 2311
A Battle Royale survivor
id: 2312
A black mage
id: 2313
Some anime maid
id: 2314
Another Rakka in her winter clothes
id: 2315
A great Haru Haruko
id: 2316
I found Phil
id: 2317
Hi Phil
id: 2318
It's that sketchy asbestos sign again
id: 2319
Ryoga snuck in with no badge, which is why he looks so paranoid
id: 2320
Anime Boston 2004 AMV ballot
id: 2321
Iron Editor!
id: 2322
The Iron Editor people gather around the table
id: 2323
The contest begins
id: 2324
McKeed moves around the crowd
id: 2325
The thing on the right looks like The Cat in the Hat takes a bow, but if you stop halfway it looks like he's having sex with himself
id: 2326
More people gathered around the table
id: 2327
Milling around..
id: 2328
The guy on the right was originally an audience member until McKeed gave him a microphone
id: 2329
id: 2330
DOKool hard at work
id: 2331
McKeed wanders around the audience
id: 2332
More people in teh audience
id: 2333
People near the front of the room
id: 2334
DOKool's competition had an outdated computer
id: 2335
Naruto audience man
id: 2336
Naruto audience man heckles DOKool
id: 2337
OtakuForLife has the mic
id: 2338
McKeed holds the mic up for someone
id: 2339
A Vash gets interviewed
id: 2340
That girl on the panel talks about something
id: 2341
And attacks some guy!
id: 2342
McKeed continues working his way around the audience
id: 2343
Some guy on the panel
id: 2344
They almost got the sign right
id: 2345
Mckeed talks to someone
id: 2346
A sign stuck to DOKool's computer
id: 2347
OtakuForLife checks out DOKool's work
id: 2348
Some config menu
id: 2349
DOKool looks pretty pleased with himself
id: 2350
People on the panel
id: 2351
OtakuForLife moves his computer
id: 2352
Some guy stands up
id: 2353
Naruto Audience Man
id: 2354
Seras looks a little nervous
id: 2355
OtakuForLife near the table
id: 2356
Someone's rebooting
id: 2357
DOKool walks around
id: 2358
That's a lot of icons
id: 2359
Everyone views the video
id: 2360
DOKool holds his computer for support
id: 2361
Part of a video
id: 2362
People watching the video
id: 2363
Milling around
id: 2364
The two competing computers
id: 2365
The competitors shake hands
id: 2366
Digging through teh box
id: 2367
The sign outside the room
id: 2368
We got out pretty late
id: 2369
Some guy
id: 2370
Some other guy
id: 2371
Phil hates the light
id: 2372
Sitting around with my laptop
id: 2373
Someone barfed in the elevator
id: 2374
Someone else
id: 2375
James is tired
id: 2376
This guy was more tired
id: 2377
James is upside down!
id: 2378
The coolest vacuum ever
id: 2379
The street at night
id: 2380
The breakfast of champions
id: 2381
Saturday officially begins
id: 2382
People gathered outside The Castle
id: 2383
Darcy as A-Chan walks by
id: 2384
Hi Commander, bye Commander!
id: 2385
Waiting in line
id: 2386
id: 2387
People on the bus were pointing at us
id: 2388
Waiting in line
id: 2389
Pocky girl!
id: 2390
Nice costume!
id: 2391
The Dealer's Room
id: 2392
Crap in the Dealer's Room
id: 2393
People buying stuff
id: 2394
I swear she's only pissed for the pose. Nice Rakka!
id: 2395
id: 2396
A great Rakka!
id: 2397
Sailor Moon!
id: 2398
Nice cosplay!
id: 2399
Some Trigun cosplayers
id: 2400
People in the lobby
id: 2401
More cosplayers
id: 2402
I met Max, somehow took a picture of his badge but not him
id: 2403
A great Yuzuki (from Chobits) cosplay
id: 2404
Ahhh, duck! It's Meryl Stryfe!
id: 2405
id: 2406
Milly Thompson and Meryl Stryfe
id: 2407
Some people on the stage
id: 2408
A wicked creepy Azumanga cosplay
id: 2409
Some group posing
id: 2410
More posing
id: 2411
id: 2412
The Paper
id: 2413
Rakka again!
id: 2414
Rakka competed in some game
id: 2415
Waiting in the Masquerade line
id: 2416
I sat next to this guy for like 3 hours
id: 2417
I think this guy is from Berserk
id: 2418
Some Eva cosplayers
id: 2419
Bear Lain
id: 2420
From Pyoko's crew?
id: 2421
id: 2422
Ooo, pocky!
id: 2423
There were a lot of "hug me" signs
id: 2424
Some video taping in progress
id: 2425
A very tall cosplayer
id: 2426
Luffy stands around
id: 2427
Nice wings
id: 2428
Luffy and Inuyasha gang up on the tall cosplayer
id: 2429
Some Sailor scouts
id: 2430
This girl sat next to me in the line
id: 2431
The Paper again
id: 2432
Anime Boston's photographer
id: 2433
Cosplayers in the hall
id: 2434
Cosplayers walking by
id: 2435
id: 2436
A really creepy Chii
id: 2437
id: 2438
Sketch in his amazing Vash costume
id: 2439
id: 2440
id: 2441
More sign holders
id: 2442
I can see why they cracked down on sign holders
id: 2443
An incredible Belldandy cosplayer
id: 2444
id: 2445
Badger Girl!!
id: 2446
I don't remember seeing any cell towers in Guri
id: 2447
"Can I take your picture?" "Sure! Wait, me?? *looks behind her*" *click*
id: 2448
"Yes you!" "Oh, OK!"
id: 2449
Scott as B-kun!
id: 2450
id: 2451
id: 2452
A badass Cloud
id: 2453
Cosplayers in the hall
id: 2454
This guy was first in line
id: 2455
People near the end of the line
id: 2456
The line was verrry long
id: 2457
Another cosplayer
id: 2458
A Sailor Scout with a sign
id: 2459
Ryoga found his way to the con!
id: 2460
That makes me 28th!
id: 2461
Free Hugs people
id: 2462
More hug signs
id: 2463
DOKool's pimping this girl out
id: 2464
DOKool's got signs
id: 2465
Everyone was getting in on the sign action
id: 2466
People in the lobby
id: 2467
Another cosplayer
id: 2468
I suggested charging for hugs
id: 2469
People in teh line
id: 2470
Someone taking pictures
id: 2471
Standing around
id: 2472
Hallo there!
id: 2473
People in the hall
id: 2474
Nice costume
id: 2475
Ed wasn't ready for a picture
id: 2476
There we go!
id: 2477
id: 2478
Random cosplayer
id: 2479
More cosplayers
id: 2480
Female Ranma!
id: 2481
Some guy
id: 2482
That cat character from .hack//SIGN
id: 2483
"Generic Cosplayer"
id: 2484
Love Hina cosplayers
id: 2485
An anti-hug sign
id: 2486
Some person
id: 2487
Commander walked by
id: 2488
A nice Sora cosplayer
id: 2489
Another Vash cosplayer
id: 2490
Vash gets a hug
id: 2491
id: 2492
Some guy died
id: 2493
An Azumanga Otakon badge
id: 2494
Line guy got a hug despite his sign
id: 2495
The line's moving!
id: 2496
Everyone checking badges
id: 2497
I've got my badges
id: 2498
Nice costume
id: 2499
Very funny, DOKool
id: 2500
Getting seats
id: 2501
I got pretty close
id: 2502
6th row, actually
id: 2503
People behind me
id: 2504
id: 2505
A kiss!
id: 2506
People in their seats
id: 2507
The "will kiss for pocky" girls keep their promises!
id: 2508
These girls were funny, dancing to the music
id: 2509
Everyone cheered for the balcony people
id: 2510
Growlith unmasked!
id: 2511
Balcony people
id: 2512
Adam takes the mic
id: 2513
Bowser takes the stage
id: 2514
Followed by Badger Girl!
id: 2515
This is why I didn't really have any pictures..
id: 2516
Lauren Goodnight started her MC Reign of Terror in 2004
id: 2517
A funny screen from the YMCA AMV
id: 2518
Prize winners
id: 2519
People on stage...
id: 2520
Getitng prizes!
id: 2521
Gathering on stage
id: 2522
Lauren standing around
id: 2523
People on stage...
id: 2524
Belldandy shows off her wings
id: 2525
id: 2526
Sketch got some prizes
id: 2527
Sketch got a LOT of prizes
id: 2528
The winner pose
id: 2529
Lots of winners
id: 2530
Good costumes!
id: 2531
Sketch shows off his Vash costume
id: 2532
Very well done, Sketch
id: 2533
Go Sketch Go
id: 2534
Sketch gets a hug
id: 2535
These cosplayers had extremely intricate costumes
id: 2536
That cat girl
id: 2537
More cosplayers
id: 2538
id: 2539
Trigun people
id: 2540
Random cosplayers
id: 2541
We apparently used a lot of towels. I blame James and Muffie
id: 2542
Hi Commander
id: 2543
Commander and her buddies: take 1
id: 2544
Commander and her buddies: take 2
id: 2545
Commander and her buddies: take 3
id: 2546
Bye Commander, see you next time!
id: 2547
Another One Piece wanted sign
id: 2548
Some guy
id: 2549
A vash keychain
id: 2550
id: 2551
id: 2552
id: 2553
id: 2554
id: 2555
id: 2556
id: 2557
Look at this guy go!
id: 2558
Crazy shapes
id: 2559
id: 2560
Dance dance dance!
id: 2561
True story
id: 2562
I got a pin!
id: 2563
Waiting in line
id: 2564
The view from my room's balcony
id: 2565
Our room
id: 2566
The lobby
id: 2567
The first floor of the lobby
id: 2568
The lobby very late at night
id: 2569
The masquerade, 360 with a flash
id: 2570
The same area with no flash
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