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04/17/04 - WPI, MHS Anime Club, and Clark.

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id: 2571
This was one of my favorite things ever written on a board at MHS
id: 2572
Rob is sleeping
id: 2573
Directions to WPI
id: 2574
Underneath Boston
id: 2575
Mom driving
id: 2576
We made it to WPI!
id: 2577
Parking lot
id: 2578
My mom poses on a footbridge
id: 2579
The road that goes under the bridge
id: 2580
Mom on the bridge again
id: 2581
Me on the bridge
id: 2582
A library
id: 2583
Sideview mirror
id: 2584
Mom on the phone
id: 2585
id: 2586
Tech Pizza? Neato
id: 2587
A footbridge
id: 2588
A pub
id: 2589
My camera
id: 2590
A ferris wheel
id: 2591
My mom goes into Dunkin' Donuts
id: 2592
See? Dunkin' Donuts
id: 2593
id: 2594
Whoooo, coffee coolata!
id: 2595
A Hello Kitty store?
id: 2596
Oof, a whole bumper
id: 2597
A park?
id: 2598
Going over the Zakim bridge
id: 2599
id: 2600
id: 2601
Looking behind us out the sunroof
id: 2602
Mr. Barth with his Hip Onesies case
id: 2603
Hip Onesies!
id: 2604
Mr. Carovillano's room
id: 2605
Patrick Pinder
id: 2606
Cause this isn't sketchy at all
id: 2607
I'm not sure who these people are
id: 2608
Mike Handelman
id: 2609
Handelman rocks out
id: 2610
id: 2611
Creepy hand face
id: 2612
Max dives for an anime DVD
id: 2613
Mr. Burkett asserts his point again
id: 2614
Nick is crazy
id: 2615
Max is after something of Nick's
id: 2616
Nick kicks himself in the head
id: 2617
Nick goes crazy out in the hallway
id: 2618
Beany is all Bat Commander'd out
id: 2619
Rose and some guy
id: 2620
A carnival
id: 2621
Check out the lights!
id: 2622
Dan From Work without a hat!
id: 2623
At the movies!
id: 2624
Walking along Maywood Street
id: 2625
The Lasry Bio Building under construction
id: 2626
Looking up a path from Maywood
id: 2627
The University Center
id: 2628
Dad in front of the Sackler Science Center
id: 2629
Inside Tilton Hall
id: 2630
Stairs in the UC
id: 2631
Jonas Clark
id: 2632
The Bistro
id: 2633
Red Square
id: 2634
The Freud Statue
id: 2635
Jefferson Hall
id: 2636
The library
id: 2637
Wright and Estabrooke in the background
id: 2638
In Atwood on the balcony
id: 2639
Someone talks
id: 2640
The crazy library
id: 2641
The walker robot from Star Wars?
id: 2642
Carlson Hall
id: 2643
In Sackler
id: 2644
Going out towards Red Square again
id: 2645
In the caf
id: 2646
Campus map
id: 2647
Graffiti on Main Street
id: 2648
Walking along Main Street
id: 2649
A Clark University sign
id: 2650
Me standing in front of Clark
id: 2651
Looking out from the UC
id: 2652
People walking out..
id: 2653
Looking down from the second floor
id: 2654
The stairs in the UC
id: 2655
Mom in front of Lasry
id: 2656
The Biophysics building
id: 2657
My dad's truck
id: 2658
Hi Dad
id: 2659
The sand thing
id: 2660
Good to note
id: 2661
The third floor hallway in Sackler
id: 2662
Another sign
id: 2663
A chemistry lab
id: 2664
Gotta love the Darwin fish
id: 2665
Walking through Sackler
id: 2666
Science equipment
id: 2667
id: 2668
A biology lab?
id: 2669
More of the lab
id: 2670
A crazy magnet thing
id: 2671
Stay behind the black line if you want your credit cards to work later
id: 2672
More neato equipment
id: 2673
Soldiers are our friends..
id: 2674
I made my choice!
id: 2675
Mom on the parking garage
id: 2676
Pacman ghost!
id: 2677
A fire back near home!
id: 2678
id: 2679
Crazy smoke
id: 2680
Freaking brush fires
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