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04/19/04 - To the beach with Beany and Dan.

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id: 2681
Beany and Dan From Work came to get me
id: 2682
Beany's got her cat ears on
id: 2683
Dan in the rear-view mirror
id: 2684
Dan walks along
id: 2685
Beany's got art all over her pants
id: 2686
More art
id: 2687
A bunny
id: 2688
Dan props himself up between the gas pump and his truck
id: 2689
id: 2690
Driving along
id: 2691
Hellooo Beany!
id: 2692
It's hard to take a picture of Dan
id: 2693
Dan through the window
id: 2694
Oncoming traffic
id: 2695
Driving on Route One
id: 2696
Dan on the phone
id: 2697
Helloooo Dan
id: 2698
That Japanese food place
id: 2699
Traffic behind us
id: 2700
Dan's got some water
id: 2701
Beany thinks something is funny
id: 2702
Dan driving
id: 2703
Can Beany hold a bottle with her boobs?
id: 2704
The back of Dan's hat
id: 2705
Discman and CDs
id: 2706
Me in the backseat
id: 2707
Don't pick your nose, Dan
id: 2708
Beany reaches for something
id: 2709
Beany's tossing my origami ball around
id: 2710
Origami ball in the air!
id: 2711
Origami ball coming at you!
id: 2712
The beach!
id: 2713
Dan getting out of the car
id: 2714
Beany heads for the beach
id: 2715
Beany jumps for joy
id: 2716
The ocean!
id: 2717
Dan cut his leg somehow
id: 2718
I wrote my old URL on a rock
id: 2719
Beany reaches for rocks
id: 2720
Don't fall over!
id: 2721
Dan in the distance
id: 2722
I'm getting a little too close to the ocean
id: 2723
More art on Beany's butt
id: 2724
id: 2725
Beany found a perch
id: 2726
You show that ocean who's boss
id: 2727
Beany imitates Arty, the Strongest Man... in the World
id: 2728
A rock with a weird pattern around it
id: 2729
Beany's cat symbol!
id: 2730
I wrote my website in the sand
id: 2731
More neat sand patterns
id: 2732
URL and art
id: 2733
A sign on a rock
id: 2734
id: 2735
I'm breaking the law
id: 2736
Dan and Beany in the distance
id: 2737
A cool gap
id: 2738
A tree on a rock
id: 2739
Land in the distance
id: 2740
I pose in front of the tree
id: 2741
That tree again but in the distance
id: 2742
Dan fell over and Beany leans over him
id: 2743
And pins him!
id: 2744
Wrestling on the beach
id: 2745
Poor Dan
id: 2746
Dan's X-Men underwear revealed!
id: 2747
id: 2748
Poor Dan is all sandy
id: 2749
That's an inconvenient place to keep a cell phone
id: 2750
Beany's shoe
id: 2751
Leave Dan alone!
id: 2752
Beany jumps!
id: 2753
Strike a pose!
id: 2754
Beany attacks!!
id: 2755
Beany jumps again!
id: 2756
Dan kind of jumps
id: 2757
Beany is after Dan's hat
id: 2758
Oh noes! A snail thing on Beany's shulder!
id: 2759
id: 2760
Dan got hurt somehow
id: 2761
And Beany comforts him
id: 2762
Beany's shoelace belt?
id: 2763
Dan's truck
id: 2764
Dan is the strongest man.. in the world
id: 2765
Mmm, cheeseburger
id: 2766
Standing around a comic book shop
id: 2767
Beany bought something
id: 2768
A carnival?
id: 2769
A slide
id: 2770
Going in a store
id: 2771
The Weekly World News gets crazier every week
id: 2772
Oh yeah?
id: 2773
Dan looks totally crazy
id: 2774
Beany helps Strawberry pose
id: 2775
Bowl chairs in the basement
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