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04/27/04 - Becky, funny poems from English, sunset, and lightning.

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id: 2776
Becky on the computer
id: 2777
Now Becky has a sweatshirt on her face
id: 2778
Strawberry looks so.. dazed
id: 2779
Becky posing
id: 2780
Becky is laughing
id: 2781
Crazy tongue trick!
id: 2782
Becky on the computer again
id: 2783
Hiii Becky
id: 2784
My NERV bag
id: 2785
Weird stuff at MIT
id: 2786
Inflatable structures!
id: 2787
Looking back at Building 7
id: 2788
Becky behind the wheel
id: 2789
Mom on the computer
id: 2790
Latin class
id: 2791
id: 2792
Throwing stuff
id: 2793
Blowing plastic bubbles
id: 2794
id: 2795
James' weird Arabic Pepsi
id: 2796
id: 2797
My mom made a flag for something
id: 2798
Mini flags?
id: 2799
Now that is a tiny phone
id: 2800
Hi Rob
id: 2801
Rob stretches
id: 2802
Rob sleeps
id: 2803
Dr. Peterson wields the Sword of Calculus
id: 2804
Bad weather coming
id: 2805
Flag poles
id: 2806
Crazy weather
id: 2807
id: 2808
More clouds
id: 2809
id: 2810
id: 2811
Bye, sun
id: 2812
This is sure to be good for my camera
id: 2813
My mom's house
id: 2814
I got a picture of lightning!
id: 2815
More lightning!
id: 2816
A panorama from my front porch
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