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04/28/04 - Server room at school, jumping off a wall, and what remains of the staged crash pictures.

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id: 2817
Rachel doesn't look too excited about the Russian hat
id: 2818
I sure look cool
id: 2819
This guy was on some kind of hall of fame..
id: 2820
A rack of servers!
id: 2821
id: 2822
A cool picture of an ejection seat test
id: 2823
James got bored in class
id: 2824
Spinning the hat!
id: 2825
That's dangerous, James
id: 2826
Russian world?
id: 2827
James hovers.. kind of
id: 2828
James jumping!
id: 2829
Oh no!
id: 2830
Looks painful
id: 2831
I can fly too
id: 2832
That's gross, James
id: 2833
Katie in DP's room
id: 2834
A car crash!
id: 2835
Don't worry, it's not real
id: 2836
These cars got creamed
id: 2837
"Dead people" in the street
id: 2838
White car
id: 2839
A medevac helicopter landed in the soccer field!
id: 2840
A panorama of the car crash with everyone looking
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