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05/01/04 - Kill Bill Vol. 2 and Kaiju Big Battel.

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id: 2841
Hi Dad
id: 2842
James' awesome parking
id: 2843
James looks like he's caught in some headlights
id: 2844
id: 2845
Hmm... popcorn
id: 2846
Steph getting popcorn
id: 2847
Concession stand guy
id: 2848
Walking to the theater
id: 2849
id: 2850
13 Going on 1,015?
id: 2851
James behind a railing
id: 2852
Phil reaching for something
id: 2853
What's that thing?
id: 2854
Oh, it's just Phil
id: 2855
id: 2856
Kaiju Big Battel!
id: 2857
Something on screen
id: 2858
The announcer guy
id: 2859
The first monster enters the ring
id: 2860
Busting out of a cage!
id: 2861
This guy looks intimidating
id: 2862
Who's this guy?
id: 2863
He doesn't look that intimidating
id: 2864
His head is awfully pointy
id: 2865
He moves in for the attack!
id: 2866
Climbing the cage!
id: 2867
Evil sheep dude
id: 2868
Announcer guy again
id: 2869
A big group of monsters
id: 2870
Box man?
id: 2871
People in the ring
id: 2872
Action shot?
id: 2873
Dr. Cube!!
id: 2874
Get out of here!
id: 2875
Don't listen to him!
id: 2876
A Japanese guest sings about Silver Potato
id: 2877
"Shilva Potato!"
id: 2878
Singing with bananas
id: 2879
Someone's getting attacked!
id: 2880
Someone attacks Dr. Cube
id: 2881
A tree?
id: 2882
Banana guy jumps him!
id: 2883
Banana guy in trouble!
id: 2884
Axes vs. Tree!
id: 2885
Look out!
id: 2886
Tree guy is dead
id: 2887
Who's this dude?
id: 2888
Dr. Cube eggs the fighters on
id: 2889
id: 2890
This guy's got a flag
id: 2891
Climbing the cage for a jump
id: 2892
Dr. Cube is back in the ring
id: 2893
id: 2894
Dr. Cube vs the ref?
id: 2895
Dr. Cube is not happy
id: 2896
The doctor's jacket is coming off
id: 2897
Monster guy attacks Dr. Cube
id: 2898
And gets his ass kicked
id: 2899
Put 'em up
id: 2900
Dr. Cube in a drop!
id: 2901
Moving in for another hit
id: 2902
Calling someone else out?
id: 2903
Dr. Cube again
id: 2904
A soup can guy
id: 2905
Soup can!
id: 2906
Soup can attacks the guy in the ring!
id: 2907
id: 2908
Get off the cage!
id: 2909
id: 2910
The crowd goes wild
id: 2911
Is that Dr. Cube?
id: 2912
A non-zoomed shot
id: 2913
WPI Mike on the train
id: 2914
These guys also went to the show
id: 2915
Lancelot goes exploring.. on Kate's back
id: 2916
Or maybe it's Hatti
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