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05/05/04 - AP Calculus test, Calc party, and snow from the hockey rink.

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id: 2917
Thanh in DP's class
id: 2918
My bag is ready for the rain
id: 2919
James walking in the rain
id: 2920
What happened to James' other leg?
id: 2921
id: 2922
Ouch, bad sunburn
id: 2923
The Force is strong with Abby
id: 2924
I came prepared for the AP test
id: 2925
Abby has a secret weapon too
id: 2926
People standing around in the library before the test
id: 2927
Steph gets in some last minute studying
id: 2928
My equipment
id: 2929
People make last minute preparations
id: 2930
Everyone's a little nervous
id: 2931
I've got plenty of caffeine gum
id: 2932
My weapon
id: 2933
id: 2934
More people
id: 2935
Dave is ready to rock
id: 2936
Mr. Schott explains how it's going to go down
id: 2937
All done!
id: 2938
Party in Dr. Peterson's room!
id: 2939
Rob and Abby grab some pizza
id: 2940
Dr. Peterson talks about the test with Rob.. but Rob seems pre-occupied
id: 2941
Plenty of cups
id: 2942
DP and her students
id: 2943
Milling around
id: 2944
Jared and Abby
id: 2945
More AP students
id: 2946
A lot are from the AB class so I don't know them
id: 2947
Hi Dr. Peterson!
id: 2948
Rob makes a break for it with some leftovers
id: 2949
Abby isn't very tall
id: 2950
Thanh is even shorter!
id: 2951
Dr. Peterson cleans up some trash
id: 2952
Melissa and Jared continue studying for more tests
id: 2953
Party's all over
id: 2954
And Steph is out of here
id: 2955
DJ Ziplux is what!?
id: 2956
Sean in The Squish
id: 2957
"It's not squishy!" says James
id: 2958
Like hell it's not
id: 2959
The baseball field
id: 2960
A new dugout thing
id: 2961
James with the lock pile
id: 2962
Sean tries to set it on fire
id: 2963
I took a picture of myself in the mirror
id: 2964
James driving
id: 2965
Muffie in the mirror
id: 2966
James throws a snowball
id: 2967
Standing on top of snow mountain!
id: 2968
id: 2969
Run, Muffie!
id: 2970
Ahhh! James comes after me with a giant snowball!
id: 2971
It looks like James is getting creamed, but he's actually throwing it
id: 2972
Take that, evil snowball
id: 2973
He's got another already!
id: 2974
Hanging out on the weird playground thing
id: 2975
Oh yeah, this is super safe.. I almost ran my head into this
id: 2976
Holding on for dear life..
id: 2977
He made it!
id: 2978
Post-AP Test Party in DP's room!
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