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05/07/04 - Dad's house, power outage at school, and mom breaks the belt sander.

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id: 3026
My Dad's house
id: 3027
Ripley Street!
id: 3028
id: 3029
Flower bush in my back yard
id: 3030
Very pink
id: 3031
This guy talks about the survey we're supposed to take
id: 3032
On and on he goes
id: 3033
id: 3034
Survey part two!
id: 3035
Substance abuse!
id: 3036
And more crap
id: 3037
Power outage!!
id: 3038
Everyone gathered around the door
id: 3039
Robert, it's time to go!
id: 3040
Everyone gathered in the parking lot
id: 3041
Standing around
id: 3042
Sean is amused
id: 3043
People milling around
id: 3044
Sean and Laura
id: 3045
James is loving it
id: 3046
Lots of people
id: 3047
We debated whether or not we should just leave
id: 3048
People seemed to be leaving
id: 3049
We decided to leave!
id: 3050
Running across The Squish!!
id: 3051
id: 3052
That bridge
id: 3053
Ell pond
id: 3054
Walking behind the pool
id: 3055
James thinks he's so cool
id: 3056
We made it to the car
id: 3057
Laura didn't bring her backpack
id: 3058
James gets ready to hit the road
id: 3059
Laura is psyched for our surprise day off
id: 3060
Driving shot
id: 3061
id: 3062
Note the beads to see how fast we're accelerating
id: 3063
We went to the mall
id: 3064
The pet store!
id: 3065
What happened to this car??
id: 3066
Let's just pose next to it
id: 3067
id: 3068
Guinea pig
id: 3069
id: 3070
id: 3071
id: 3072
id: 3073
Sean apparently has a cigar cutter
id: 3074
Time for James to try to get into a tiny car
id: 3075
It's a bit small
id: 3076
Sage advice
id: 3077
Laura watches James try to climb in the car
id: 3078
A helicopter!
id: 3079
id: 3080
James hugging a tree..
id: 3081
James fell down!
id: 3082
What happened?
id: 3083
Becky driving the bronco
id: 3084
I don't know what the hell is going on here
id: 3085
Becky and Dad!
id: 3086
Becky and Dad playing with the camera
id: 3087
Fun fun
id: 3088
Becky and Dad!
id: 3089
Mom accidentally sucked the power cord into the sander
id: 3090
It doesn't look good..
id: 3091
Oh well
id: 3093
The first floor hallway
id: 3094
The first floor hallway.. from another angle!
id: 3092
id: 3095
id: 3096
The view from the main door
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