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05/08/04 - MIT, and lots of MIT panoramas.

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id: 3097
Strawberry sleeps on the table
id: 3098
The Big Ugly Black Thing
id: 3099
The Green Building
id: 3100
"Oh Wow" and some other students
id: 3101
More students in the anime class
id: 3102
This looks like it's my space class..
id: 3103
John Hancock Tower
id: 3104
Prudential Tower
id: 3105
Boston skyline
id: 3106
Both towers!
id: 3107
A seagull
id: 3108
The Prudential tower and a bridge
id: 3109
Building 7
id: 3110
The crazy new building
id: 3111
Dr. Seuss's school of architecture?
id: 3112
The sidewalk looks pretty normal
id: 3113
Not so much when you look up
id: 3114
Stepping back a few..
id: 3115
Phil drives a car
id: 3116
Bus route #69
id: 3117
Anime classroom
id: 3118
Boston skyline
id: 3119
A zoomed in skyline
id: 3120
That crazy building at MIT
id: 3121
MIT's Building 10 as seen from the green
id: 3122
Building 7 on Mass Ave
id: 3123
The Big Ugly Black Thing
id: 3124
The Big Ugly Black Thing near the Green Building
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