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05/09/04 - Fun at Target, Matt's crazy shoes, mom on full automatic, Bob the cat, and a racoon.

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id: 3125
Phil is on the phone
id: 3126
Phil changed this thing to say this.. at Target
id: 3127
Angry pizza box!
id: 3128
I found a radio on the subway
id: 3129
I also found a Matt on the subway
id: 3130
Spiffy shoes, Matt
id: 3131
Wet footprint!
id: 3132
Black and white room
id: 3133
Color room!
id: 3134
Little Miss Sunshine
id: 3135
It's Bob the Cat!
id: 3136
id: 3137
He lost his tail to a car
id: 3138
A raccoon!
id: 3139
id: 3140
id: 3141
A slightly warped panorama outside my house
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