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05/11/04 - Fun with Nick, Sean keels over, and the AP Psychology test.

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id: 3179
Strawberry in the window
id: 3180
Elmo is handicapped!
id: 3181
Me and Dr. Peterson!
id: 3182
Yeah yeah
id: 3183
Studying AP Psych!
id: 3184
id: 3185
Nick poses
id: 3186
Nick poses again
id: 3187
And now.. crazy faces brought to you by Nick
id: 3188
Nick's crazy faces!
id: 3189
What's up there?
id: 3190
A moment of lucidity?
id: 3191
Watch out, that aftershave can burn
id: 3192
That's odd
id: 3193
Nick is happy
id: 3194
That's just weird
id: 3195
Heading to the cafeteria for testing
id: 3196
Mr. Barth
id: 3197
Taking our seats
id: 3198
People standing around
id: 3199
Getting ready for the test
id: 3200
Ice cream!
id: 3201
Hey Robert!
id: 3202
Last second studying!
id: 3203
Sitting around
id: 3204
Sean thinks he's cool cause he smokes
id: 3205
Hi Sean
id: 3206
Samir on a table
id: 3207
Getting ready for the test
id: 3208
The test is explained to us
id: 3209
Thanh does some even more last second studying
id: 3210
It went pretty well
id: 3211
Hi Jared
id: 3212
The Imprint room
id: 3213
Nick is like, half of the Latin class
id: 3214
The library
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