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05/12/04 - Train construction and the senior prank.

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id: 3215
Weird train
id: 3216
Construction equipment
id: 3217
id: 3218
I was in this room about half a second before I got blasted for taking pictures
id: 3219
Look at all the chairs!
id: 3220
So many chairs
id: 3221
The sea of chairs go on forever
id: 3222
They were all stacked haphazardly
id: 3223
So many desks
id: 3224
They were more concentrated in this area
id: 3225
There were tons of dividers from the Open Space all over the hallways
id: 3226
Chairs and desks!
id: 3227
Chairs forever
id: 3228
See? I wasn't the only one taking pictures
id: 3229
The chairs from another angle
id: 3230
Admins and Dr. Groden trying to figure out what to do
id: 3231
The library as seen from the rooms overlooking it
id: 3232
I love all the shiny legs in the background
id: 3233
The chairs near the main entrance to the library
id: 3234
Another shot from ground level
id: 3235
Red chairs
id: 3236
More red chairs
id: 3237
The chairs as seen through the trophy room
id: 3238
The Open Space is totally empty!
id: 3239
Look at all the open space in the Open Space!
id: 3240
Thankfully they left Dr. Peterson's filing cabinets
id: 3241
Sitting around in Miss Hiti's room
id: 3242
Mr. Carovillano let us just lounge around for a while. He was pretty amused
id: 3243
A panorama of Miss Hiti's room
id: 3244
A panorama of the open space
id: 3245
So much space!
id: 3246
Some furniture survived
id: 3247
Dr. Peterson's room is empty!
id: 3248
A panorama of chairs
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