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05/17/04 - More work on Project Vulcan at school.

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id: 3668
Project Vulcan!!
id: 3669
Setting up Project Vulcan to run
id: 3670
Cutting wood
id: 3671
id: 3672
Making a mess near the computers
id: 3673
Steph with her project
id: 3674
Dave works on his project
id: 3675
A sweet car
id: 3676
CDs for wheels!
id: 3677
Computers are fun
id: 3678
LEGO car!
id: 3679
Working on cars
id: 3680
I think this is the car that won
id: 3681
Cutting more wood
id: 3682
id: 3683
Rube Goldberg machine
id: 3684
A larger car
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