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05/21/04 - Last Latin class, Vulcan races, Nick and Lauren's play, and Becky being stupid.

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id: 4313
James has a cookie
id: 4314
Rachel took my picture!
id: 4315
The Latin class!
id: 4316
Mr. McClory!
id: 4317
Hey Jared
id: 4318
Ah, too true
id: 4319
Setting up cars
id: 4320
Go car!
id: 4321
Setting up our car!
id: 4322
Go banana!
id: 4323
id: 4324
Thanh launches her car
id: 4325
People lining up to launch their cars
id: 4326
Check out our sweet wheels
id: 4327
Measuring out how far the car went
id: 4328
Handelman shoots at me
id: 4329
Judge Handelman
id: 4330
Dead people everywhere!
id: 4331
Oh noes!
id: 4332
What happened?
id: 4333
Getting ready for a play
id: 4334
Don't paint his eyes!
id: 4335
id: 4336
Mikes Handelman and Binari
id: 4337
The Globe reporter
id: 4338
Everyone back stage
id: 4339
Silly Hats Only!
id: 4340
Becky thinks she's cool
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