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05/27/04 - English and Calculus finals, more 3D pictures, and piano.

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id: 4739
This doesn't look sketchy at all..
id: 4740
Another tree cut down..
id: 4741
Heads up
id: 4742
id: 4743
I hate this kind of crap
id: 4744
Truck full of dead tree
id: 4745
I have no idea what book this was, but probably a text book
id: 4746
English class!
id: 4747
This appears to be a 3D picture..
id: 4748
Left eye
id: 4749
Right eye?
id: 4750
My CD player
id: 4751
Maybe another 3D shot? I don't know
id: 4752
I took a lot of 3D shots
id: 4753
I should probably delete the duplicates
id: 4754
Dr. Peterson's class
id: 4755
id: 4756
Dr. Peterson's desk
id: 4757
Mmm, Mountain Dew
id: 4758
Getting help after class
id: 4759
This was after she got the new desks
id: 4760
I apparently didn't do great on my Physics final
id: 4761
Final page 2
id: 4762
Final page 3
id: 4763
Final page 4
id: 4764
Final page 5
id: 4765
The science teacher area
id: 4766
Mr. Burkett with 3D glasses looking at my computer.. thus confirming my suspicions that these are supposed to be 3D pictures
id: 4767
id: 4768
Stairs again..
id: 4769
id: 4770
More stairs
id: 4771
High school hallway
id: 4772
Hallway again
id: 4773
Desks in the open space
id: 4774
3D open space!
id: 4775
Open space classroom
id: 4776
id: 4777
id: 4778
I don't know.. math?
id: 4779
Math on the board
id: 4780
I got to sign the BC Calc wall!
id: 4781
The main entrance to the high school..
id: 4782 threeee deeee
id: 4783
Parking lot
id: 4784
Parking lot again
id: 4785
Is this getting old yet?
id: 4786
Oh yes
id: 4787
My shadow!
id: 4788
id: 4789
Flagpole again
id: 4790
The most 3D puddle ever
id: 4791
id: 4792
Why is the flag at half mast?
id: 4793
Who knows
id: 4794
id: 4795
Skateboarders like to jump them
id: 4796
That puddle again
id: 4797
id: 4798
Betty's piano!
id: 4799
In 3D!
id: 4800
id: 4801
3D betty!
id: 4802
Sometimes you have to be forceful in piano notes..
id: 4803
James is excited..
id: 4804
Sour goo I think?
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